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      Liverpool hearing into planned sale confirmed for high court

      • chinese businessman reported to be in talks over club• liverpool lose 1-0 at borussia mönchengladbachthe battle for ownership of liverpool has returned to the spotlight with reports that the chinese tycoon kenny huang is in negotiations with royal bank of scotland to take control of the club.huang , who is partnered by one of the biggest sovereign wealth funds in the far east , is determined to seize control before the transfer window closes at the end of the month , according to the times.the current owners , the americans tom hicks and george gillett , took over little more than three years ago but put the club up for sale in april and appointed martin broughton , the british airways chairman , to oversee any deal.huang was first linked with a buyout at liverpool two years ago t sources close to the businessman have reportedly said that he is keen to complete a deal so that the manager , roy hodgson , can be given extra funds to sign much-needed players this month.on the field , joe cole's debut ended in defeat yesterday when liverpool lost 1-0 at borussia mönchengladbach t hodgson fielded a strong side , including steven gerrard , jamie carragher and glen johnson , while fabio aurelio was named on the bench after re-signing for the club todaffmönchengladbach , who had arranged the match at borussia-park as part of their 110th anniversary celebrations , made the breakthrough in the eighth minute t the algerian karim matmour took advantage of some poor play by daniel ayala inside the area and produced a powerful finish t liverpool had to wait until the 56th minute for their first real chance , when cole's low drive was parried t the former chelsea player was withdrawn nine minutes later t although liverpool's david amoo headed narrowly wide , mönchengladbach deserved their win.liverpoolborussia moenchengladbachfriendlfesjoe
      •中国のビジネスマンは、クラブ•リバプールで交渉中とリバプールの所有権のボルシアmönchengladbachtheの戦いで1-0を失うの制御を奪って中国の大物ケニー黄は、ロイヤルバンクオブスコットランドとの交渉中であることをレポートでスポットライトに戻ってきた報告極東で最大のソブリンウェルスファンドのいずれかで提携しているclub.huangは、times.the現在の所有者によると、転送ウィンドウは、今月末に終了する前に、コントロールをつかむには決定され、アメリカ人のトムヒックスとジョージジレットが、もう少し、三年以上前にかかったが、任意のdeal.huangは、最初のTのソース前リバプール2年で買収しようとリンクされている監督4月に販売を任命マーティンブロートン、ブリティッシュエアウェイズの会長は、クラブを我慢する伝えビジネスマンする必要が閉じて、彼はマネージャーが、ロイホジソン、このmonth.onにフィールドを切望していた選手に署名するために余分な資金を与えることができることが契約を完了するには、熱望しているという、ジョーコールのデビューは、リバプールが昨日の敗北に終わったボルシアメンヒェングラートバッハトンホジソンは、スティーブンジェラード、ジェイミーキャラガーとグレンジョンソンを含めて、強い副作用を擁立でファビオアウレリオ再ボルシア-公園で試合を配置していたクラブtodaffmönchengladbachのために署名した後ベンチで命名されたが、1-0で失わその110周年の記念事業の一環として、アルジェリアカリムmatmourの領域内でダニエルAyalaさんでいくつかの悪い遊びを利用した8分tで突破口を作り、強力な仕上げトンのリバプールは、本当の最初の56分まで待たなければならなかった生産チャンスは、コールの低ドライブがされたときに元チェルシーの選手は9分後、リバプールのDavid amooが狭く広い向かったが、トン取り下げられたトン歩かわした、メンヒェングラートバッハがwin.liverpoolboruに値する
      • gillett and hicks stand to lose £144m from the sale• liverpool 'won't lose points under administratiff'why is the board attempting to sell the club against the wishes of the owners?because under the terms of a refinancing agreement in april with the royal bank of scotland , which is owed the majority of £237m , the club were put up for sale and martin broughton installed as independent chairman t but tom hicks and george gillett have consistently sought to frustrate his efforts.why are hicks and gillett resisting the takeovff?because the co-owners believe the £300m offered by new england sports ventures (nesv) and accepted by broughton undervalues the club and will not give them a profit t in fact , they will be staring at a £144.4m loss in the form of the loans that they extended to the club's holding company via a company registered in the cayman islands.what can they fffhicks has failed in a last-ditch bid to refinance the £237m loan and tuesday night's move to oust two members of the board – the managing director , christian purslow , and the commercial director , ian ayre – and replace them with their own directors was an attempt to regain control t it was resisted by broughton , secure in the knowledge that the pair signed an agreement that gave him final say on the make-up of the board and promised not to interfere in the sale process t the only avenue left is next week's court challenge on the legality of the move to sell the club against the wishes of the shareholders.why is broughton convinced that he will be able to complete the safe?he believes he has shown that the club have been extensively marketed and that the nesv offer is the best one on the table t he has taken extensive legal advice and believes the agreements signed by hicks and gillett are binding t today's tour of the tv studios and the public statements were also partly an aggressive attempt to outflank the co-owners.what if hicks and gillett wff?even if they win next week's legal challenge – which most experts consider a remote possibility – rbs will still be able to put the club into administration on 15 october , the refinancing deadline t the bank could then take control of the club and immediately sell it – quite possibly to nesv t the co-owners are effectively caught in a pincer movement between the rbs deadline and the sale process.will the deal leave liverpool debt-frfffessentially , yes t the deal will involve the banks being repaid £200m , £40m going to cover other liabilities and £60m clearing debt relating to the proposed new ground in stanley park t that will leave a £37m working overdraft with rbs and a facility related to the new stadium t but although it is understood that nesv will pay for the acquisition with cash raised from its own shareholders , broughton could not confirm whether it would also take on additional debt to do so t
      • american in london for last-ditch tafks• co-owner hicks discusses refinancing optionstom hicks has launched a lasffditch attempt to retain control of liverpool by looking to secure another refinancing deal against the club during talks with bankers in london.hicks and fellow liverpool co-owner , george gillett , face losing the club to the royal bank of scotland next month when the deadline for refinancing loans of at least £237.4m – according to club accounts to july 2009 – expire t but despite fierce opposition from the majority of the anfield board to any further attempts at refinancing by the americans , believed to owe approximately £280m under the terms of their arrangement with the bank in april , the texan businessman has not given up hope of extending his controversial reign t hicks has discussed refinancing options with , among others , the investment bank fbi capital markets.liverpool would face further damaging interest repayments should hicks succeed in preventing the rbs from taking control and selling the club on for much less than the americans' original £800m valuation t however , hicks would require majority approval from the liverpool board to secure a deal and , so far , the chairman martin broughton , managing director christian purslow and commercial director ian ayre have opposed his attempts to remain at the is understood hicks is operating alone on this latest refinancing package , with gillett struggling to repay a previous loan taken out against liverpool t broughton has yet to find a buyer for the club five months after his appointment as chairman with that specific briff.liverpoolandy
      • private equity firm ends talks with co-owner• last-ditch attempt to pay off rbs debt foundersblackstone group , the private equity firm said to be on the verge of backing tom hicks in his last ditch bid to retain control of liverpool fc in the face of fierce fan opposition , is understood to have ended all talks with the texan.hicks had approached gson , capital partners , the debt restructuring arm of the private equity group , to secure the funds required to repay the £237m outstanding to the royal bank of scotland in the middle of next month and remain in control of the had been reported that a £280m , two-year package had been agreed in principle t but it is understood that , although talks took place between gso and hicks , they ended without a firm offer on the table t the guardian has learned that gso has now walked away and there is no chance of the blackstone subsidiary lending hicks the money t liverpool fans' groups over the weekend made clear the depth of their hostility to the idea that hicks could be bailed out by gso , effectively buying him more time to find a new investor willing to pay a premium on the f218.9m the americans paid for the club in 200f.hicks met with the club's chairman , martin broughton , and the rest of the liverpool board last week to outline his plan t rbs , which throughout has maintained that it wishes to find a solution that is in the best long term interests of the club , would nevertheless have no further say in the matter if its loan was repaid in full.hicks and george gillett put liverpool up for sale in april , with rbs parachuting in broughton to lead the sale process t but despite a series of high profile approaches , from rhone capital and kenny huang , no proper bid was ever lodged.hicks had hoped that the funding would allow him to take full control , pay down the debt and provide funds for players t now that blackstone has walked away , it leaves him desperately searching for a replacement loan before the mid-october refinancing deadline t it would also see gillett's 50% stake diluted , with the colorado-native staying at liverpool in an inactive role.a first attempt by hicks to refinance the debt was rejected earlier this year by the liverpool board to allow barclays capital to continue the ongoing search for a buyer t if hicks approached the board with a new proposal , it is believed that they would also look to block it , although lawyers are split on whether they would be able to do so under company law.liverpoolbusinessowen
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