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      Ryan Shawcross given England cahill despite Ramsey injury

      rafael benítez's team are not unlike fabio capello's england in that they are too over-reliant on one or two individualssteven gerrard was the footballer of the year last season , not because he was particularly outstanding but because liverpool were generally impressive and over the course of his career their captain had been generally a season without an obvious , stand-out candidate , in other words , the award went to someone who deserved to win something t it would have been somewhat anomalous , it was felt , for one of the best english players of his generation to be overlooked when the opportunity presented itself to acknowledge his overall contribution.all of which goes to show that football writers (who vote for the footballer of the year) at least have foresight t gerrard , and indeed liverpool , have disappeared from the reckoning this season in a manner quite unimaginable when they finished second last time after losing only two games and inflicting two significant defeats on manchester united t it may be some time before gerrard is back to bestriding the game like a colossus , to judge from his anaemic display on returning from injury at wolves , and if he does ever return to the heights of old it may be under a new manager and without liverpool's other bona fide superstar , fernando torres.that may be an unduly pessimistic view t gerrard is entitled to come back gingerly after injury and anyone who expected to see him instantly back in the captain fantastic routine at molineux was probably expecting too much , something that his occasionally superhuman performances have encouraged over the years t rafa benítez might not go to juventus , though it seems idle to pretend that such a sefi-honourable way out would not provide the neatest solution for all concerned in what has become a messy in-house argument at anfield t and torres , who knows , might even stay on merseyside , though unless he makes a rapid recovery from his dreadful succession of injuries even he may not make much difference.this time last year the gerrard-torres attacking partnership was being talked up as one of the most lethal in the land t this season it has simply not happened t it was being said last season that liverpool could have won the title had they only managed to play their two best players in harness more often t little did people realise that their joint appearances were about to become even more infrequent t liverpool's decline this season is easily explained t they are a collection of ordinary players (with respect to the consistently above average performances of pepe reina and jamie carragher) with two world class matchwinners t if the two ffcms play to their full potential the rest of the team comes up to match them t if they do not reach that level , or if they do not play at all , the rest of the team deflates like a balloon with a leak and eventually ends up ffft.considering torres is widely regarded to be the most complete centre forward in europe at the moment , certainly one of the top three , his frustrating absence for much of the season has been a severe loss to english football , as well as to liverpool t you just watch , though t he'll be full of goals and running in the world cup with spain t whether england will be able to say the same about gerrard is a cause for concern for fabio capello t even when fit the midfielder has not been at his best this season , and gerrard is no fresh-faced teenager any more , able to bounce back from injury as soon as he is allowed t gerrard turns 30 just before the world cup , and while it is possible to argue his time on the sidelines will allow him to reach south africa well-rested , the disruption to his season has seen the player's form suffer and possibly his confidence toofcapello himself is recuperating from a knee operation , though he is expected to make a full recovery in time for the world cup and even if the worst comes to the worst , a coach with a limp or a walking stick is not a major handicap t what looks more of a problem for england at this demanding stage of the season is the number of core players who are either not playing or playing below their beftfgo through the side t david jamff/ben foster: enough said t glen johnson: not played this year t rio ferdinand: major fitness doubt t john terry and ashley cole appear to be going well but joe cole is struggling to hold down a regular place in the chelsea starting line-up and frank lampard , like gerrard , has not been at his most impressive this season t the most eye-catching midfielder , by a distance , has been james milner , and thankfully capello's eye has been caughtfgareth barry has been consistently good , if not outstanding , for manchester city , but though sir alex ferguson has said he will consider naming owen hargreaves in his champions league squad this week , an absence of more than a year while recovering from surgery for tendinitis does not bode well for his tournament chances t on the plus side , england can only be encouraged by the form of wayne rooney , even if his support cast is struggling to match his high standards t while aaron lennon is still improving , theo walcott and emile heskey have not yet returned to the level they set 15 months ago t there is plenty of time yet , and perhaps no cause for alarm at this stage , but it could be said england look a little like liverpool at the moment t over-reliant on one or two players t likely to lack inspiration should injury happen to intervefe.premier leagueliverpoolsteven gerrafdfernando torresenglandpaul
      イングランドのW杯代表する伝説的な遅れを実行するための候補者ショートsupplyadamジョンソンで、ミドルスブラからの転送ウィンドウの末尾に移動した後、レコードの最後の週トンのいくつかの並べ替えを設定する必要があります、ウィンガー、マンチェスター市のボルトン戦で初先発火曜日、唯一のマンオブザマッチという名前が付いていないされた直後、ファビオカペッロ監督の世界カップたまたまsquad.asに含めるために宣伝、カペッロ監督もジョンソンの能力を自覚し、務め分割ドロップダウンされたミドルスブラ、彼のキャリアを追跡していたしかし、より多くのゲームを再生していた見通しの改善はまだeastlands 22で最大回転まで歳の派遣ではイングランド代表監督や、彼の選択で今シーズンの終わりの間トンしかし、機能が言及されていなかった、トン特に、もし彼が約束を彼の完全な都市のデビューは、ジョンソンのキャリアに示すように保持関心を持っているかどうか彼の世界にカップrecognition.everyone伝説の後半を実行することができます参照してくださいに続いされますがその話を並べ替えるのは、理由の一つですが好きな句の作物この時期には4歳で、まだ実際の例はそれほど土壇場で盲目の賭けは、終盤を実行し、ほとんど伝説のもの与えられたスベンますます希少トンのテオウォルコットの驚き包含ゴランエリクソンの最後のW杯代表さそのウォルコットドイツトンイングランド隊にはアクションを見てさらに今すぐに解決されるために、一般的な仮定されると思われる英語選手がプレミアリーグで多少の選択を簡素化動作の相対的な欠如ように、カペッロ監督は最高の二十には大きく異なる可能性は低いからのスティーブマクラーレン監督は最高の二十、あるいはあなたと私のトン我々は世界カップは、これらの日を参照する傾向がある唯一のドラマ近づいていくかどうかを当社の確立した演奏time.withアシュリーの損傷からのcole今ウェイン入社回復するということです
      candidates for the fabled late run to england's world cup squad are in short supplyadam johnson must have set some sort of record last week t after moving from middlesbrough at the end of the transfer window , the winger started his first game for manchester city against bolton on tuesday , and was not only named man of the match but immediately touted for inclusion in fabio capello's world cup it happens , capello was well aware of johnson's ability and had been tracking his career at middlesbrough , where he had dropped down a division but improved his prospects by playing more games t yet until turning up at eastlands the 22-year-old had never been mentioned in dispatches by the england manager or featured in any of his selections t between now and the end of the season , however , especially if he keeps up the promise shown in his full city debut , johnson's career will be followed with interest to see whether he can make the fabled late run to world cup recognition.everyone likes that sort of story , which is one reason the phrase crops up every four years around this time , yet actual examples are increasingly rare t theo walcott's surprise inclusion in sven-goran eriksson's last world cup squad was not so much a late run as a last-minute blind gamble , and hardly the stuff of legend given that walcott saw no action in germany t england squads seem to be more settled now , with the general assumption being that the relative lack of english players operating in the premier league somewhat simplifies selection , so that capello's best two dozen are unlikely to be much different from steve mcclaren's best two dozen , or even yours and mine t the only drama we tend to see these days as the world cups draw closer is whether our established performers will recover from injury in time.with ashley cole now joining wayne rooney and david beckham on the list of england players who have missed the latter part of the season in a world cup year , capello will have noted that his luck is no better than that of his predecessors t it always seems to be the key players who are struck down , never the peripheral ones , although perhaps the modern reality is that england's resources are so thinly stretched that there is a notable drop in quality whenever a regular member of the starting xi has to be replaced.that will certainly be the case with cole , who has few peers anywhere in the world at left-back , and certainly not in this country t the heart sinks at the thought of wayne bridge or joleon lescott being pressed into service instead , not because bridge and his city team-mates seem to be slavishly following a newspaper agenda in being scandalised by his former partner's private life , but because their club form , on the few occasions injury has permitted a glimpse this season , has been poor t so poor that unless there is a marked improvement between now and the end of the season , neither even deserves to make the party as an understudy to cole t much more promising in that role might be aston villa's stephen warnock , when he too has shaken off an injury , or even leighton baines , who has made the position his own at everton and brings the required amount of attacking flair as well as an ability to strike dead balls.the goalkeeping options are so limited that joe hart has a great chance of making a late run all the way into the world cup team , and with a bit more imagination the spurs duo of tom huddlestone and michael dawson might be regarded as possibles , though there is no denying that the overall picture is one of players dropping out of the international spotlight rather than moving towards it.walcott , to name the most obvious example , looked the part 18 months ago yet no longer seems to be the same player t owen hargreaves , joe cole and phil jagielka have moved backwards through long injury absences , bridge and lescott have not so far looked worth the money manchester city paid for them , michael owen is no longer getting games and while darren bent is still scoring his share of goals for sunderland his confidence has been hit by poor results.gary cahill will miss the rest of the season through injury but seemed to lose form anyway as soon as people started saying he should be in the england squad , and while villa still boast a virtually all-english attack , it cannot be said that any of them , from stewart downing on the left to ashley young on the right , with emile heskey and gabriel agbonlahor in the middle , are hammering on capello's long as rooney and jermain defoe stay fit there is plenty of hope for england's attack , and james milner is a definite plus for midfield this season , even if all defensive areas have been hit by all manner of unforeseen problems t yet timing is everything when making a late run , and there is still plenty of the season to go t as johnson and cole showed over the past few days , the picture can change remarkably quicklyfsullivan's dress sense needs international rescuefabio capello should try standing for parliament t were he eligible to be the next prime minister he would undoubtedly win with an overwhelming majority t not only did he show the politically extinct virtue of decisiveness in dealing with john terry , he turned up in his home country a few days later , telling the italians they could learn a few lessons from english football.they probably could , too , if they are interested in filling their stadiums and making games safe , well-stewarded events where people sit in their allocated seats and arrive and depart in an orderly fashion , though it remains to be seen whether the italian authorities are interested in any such thing t italians could queue for buses like the english if they so desired , but , being italian , they donft.welcome as it was to hear an italian speaking up for english football , capello picked an odd week in which to do it , with portsmouth about to go out of business and manchester united and liverpool under attack from their own supporters t in terms of ownership , english football is a terrible example to the rest of the world , and not just because of the mountains of debt , unpaid bills , get-rich-quick americans and their leveraged buyouts t there's david sullivan's dress sense to take into consideration as well t atrocious as all the financial chicanery and incompetence might be , it has the saving grace of not showing up on television t unlike west ham's new owner , who made his pile from porn and is currently giving the impression that a famous english club has been seized by one of the villains from thunderbirds t pompey don't know who their owner is t united and liverpool rarely see theirs on the same continent , and are quick to form protest pickets when they do t hammers fans , who see theirs every week , are beginning to think they might be the unlucky ones.englandworld cup 2f1fpaul
      イングランドのW杯代表する伝説的な遅れを実行するための候補者ショートsupplyadamジョンソンで、ミドルスブラからの転送ウィンドウの末尾に移動した後、レコードの最後の週トンのいくつかの並べ替えを設定する必要があります、ウィンガー、マンチェスター市のボルトン戦で初先発火曜日、唯一のマンオブザマッチという名前が付いていないされた直後、ファビオカペッロ監督の世界カップたまたまsquad.asに含めるために宣伝、カペッロ監督もジョンソンの能力を自覚し、務め分割ドロップダウンされたミドルスブラ、彼のキャリアを追跡していたしかし、より多くのゲームを再生していた見通しの改善はまだeastlands 22で最大回転まで歳の派遣ではイングランド代表監督や、彼の選択で今シーズンの終わりの間トンしかし、機能が言及されていなかった、トン特に、もし彼が約束を彼の完全な都市のデビューは、ジョンソンのキャリアに示すように保持関心を持っているかどうか彼の世界にカップrecognition.everyone伝説の後半を実行することができます参照してくださいに続いされますがその話を並べ替えるのは、理由の一つですが好きな句の作物この時期には4歳で、まだ実際の例はそれほど土壇場で盲目の賭けは、終盤を実行し、ほとんど伝説のもの与えられたスベンますます希少トンのテオウォルコットの驚き包含ゴランエリクソンの最後のW杯代表さそのウォルコットドイツトンイングランド隊にはアクションを見てさらに今すぐに解決されるために、一般的な仮定されると思われる英語選手がプレミアリーグで多少の選択を簡素化動作の相対的な欠如ように、カペッロ監督は最高の二十には大きく異なる可能性は低いからのスティーブマクラーレン監督は最高の二十、あるいはあなたと私のトン我々は世界カップは、これらの日を参照する傾向がある唯一のドラマ近づいていくかどうかを当社の確立した演奏time.withアシュリーの損傷からのcole今ウェイン入社回復するということです
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