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      see if you can make the right choicethe england youngsters team at the junior european championships finished in fourth place t they will be disappointed at missing out on a medal , but are to be warmly congratulated for qualifying for the forthcoming world championships t the efforts of basil letts and shivam shah are especially praiseworthy – they played every board during the tournament , finishing in third place in the butler rankings behind two pairs from poland , who were the event's convincing winners.this deal from the match between england and the czech republic saw the english declarer face an awkward guess in a typically ambitious contract t i won't show you the east-west cards – you can share with the young player the agonies of decision , and see if you make the right one t east-west vulnerable , dealer east.the english pair bid the diamond slam t east overcalled the eight of spades , and declarer went up with the ace t he played a heart to the jack , losing to east's king , and east continued with the 10 of spades , consistent with an original holding of 1098 or 1098 and one lower card t declarer ruffed and played ace and another diamond t the appearance of east's doubleton queen was a welcome sight , and all that remained was to resolve the position of the queen of clubs t to obtain as much information as he could , declarer continued by cashing the ace and queen of hearts , on the second of which west discarded a spade t declarer ruffed the queen of spades , on which west played the king and east followed with the six t declarer played off the remaining two trumps , on which west threw a spade and a club and east a spade and a heart t down to ffa54 facing fkf10 , declarer faced his moment of truth t what now?if everything is to be believed , east began with four spades , five hearts , two diamonds and two clubs t west therefore began with five spades , two hearts , two diamonds and four clubs , and the odds strongly favour playing him for the queen t perhaps wondering why east had gone out of his way to let him count the spade suit , the young englishman defied the odds – sadly , this was the wrong time to do that.bridgezia
      あなたは彼らが金メダルを逃すに失望される第4位にtに終わったジュニア欧州選手権で右choicetheイギリスの若者のチームを作ることができるかどうかを確認しますが、暖かく今度の世界選手権tに対してバジルの努力を予選のために祝福されるレッツとシヴァムシャーは特に賞賛に値するか - が見たは、イギリスとチェコ共和国との間の一致から、イベントの説得力のあるwinners.this契約だったポーランドからの2つのペアの背後にあるバトラーランキングで3位に終え、大会期間中すべてのボードを演奏することを見たあなたは若い選手との意思決定の苦しみを共有し、右の1トン東西脆弱な、ディーラーを作るかどうかを確認することができます - 英語ディクレアラーは、TIがあなたに東西のカードが表示されません通常、野心的な契約で厄介な推測に直面しているeast.the英語のペアは、スペードの8を率いるダイヤモンドスラムトンから東に入札し、申告者は、東の王に敗れ、彼はジャックに心を果たしたエースtで上昇した、と東はスペードの10を続けた、と一貫しオリジナルの1098または1098と1つの持ち株下部カードトンディクレアラーラフェッドと再生のエースと別のダイヤモンドtは東のダブルトン女王の出現は歓迎光景だった、と残ったそのすべては、できるだけ多くを得るためにクラブの女王tの位置を解決することでした彼ができたなどの情報は、申告者は、西は西の王と東が6トンディクレアラーに続いて演奏されているスペードトンディクレアラーは、スペードのクイーンをラフェッド廃棄された第2に、エースとハートの女王を現金化によって継続オフ再生すべてが信じられるかどうか西がダウンfkf10が直面しているffa54にスペードとクラブと東スペードとハートのtを投げた上に2つの切り札を、残りの、申告者がどのような今の真理値tの彼の瞬間に直面?、東は、4つのスペードから始まったfive心、二つのダイヤモンド
      close to a world record loss of tricks in a freely bid gamedeals on which one side has 21 points and the other 19 , with only one player having a suit as long as six cards , are not often very exciting t today's deal from a high-level australian tournament was an exception t love all , dealer north:at the first table north passed as dealer , east opened the bidding with one diamond and south overcalled one no trump t west showed admirable confidence in the soundness of his partner's opening bid by doubling , and no one made any further contribution to the auction t on the best lead of the queen of hearts , the defenders could have taken six tricks; on the worst lead of a low diamond , they could have taken one t instead west led a spade , and south swiftly cashed five tricks in that suit and six in clubs before conceding the last two t the unusual outcome of one no trump doubled making with four overtricks gave a score of 580 to the second table north chose to open with a modern-style pre-empt t his bid of three clubs was doubled by east for takeout – an aggressive but not wholly unreasonable action t south raised quietly to four clubs , hoping to provoke west into an indiscretion , and succeeding beyond his wildest dreams when west bid four spades t that was an aggressive and almost wholly unreasonable action t no doubt west hoped that east would be shorter in clubs and longer in spades than was actually the case , and west's honours in the red suits were likely to pull their weight , but even so it would have been more prudent for west to double to show a few values rather than committing his side to a 10-trick contract t when four spades came round to south , he doubled it t if north had led his trump , south's correct defence would be to win with the 10 , cash the king of clubs to warn partner not to discard from that suit , and then draw the rest of the trumps t that would mean 11 tricks to the defence , probably a world record against a freely bid game , so in some ways it was a pity that north instead led the ace of clubs t the contract states will went five down doubled , and north-south from the first table must have been rather surprised to lose 11 imps for their result.bridgezia
      、6枚限り、唯一プレイヤーがスーツを持っていると、片側が21ポイントと他の19を持っている上で自由に入札gamedealsでトリックの世界記録の損失に近いから高頻繁にtの今日の取引は非常にエキサイティングではないレベルのオーストラリアの大会では、ディーラー北tはすべての愛例外では:北はディーラーとして渡される最初のテーブルで、東一のダイヤモンドと南で入札をオープンしたありませんトランプTウェストが倍増して彼のパートナーのオープニングビッドの健全で立派な自信を示さなかったovercalled 、と誰もが心の女王の最高のリードでオークショントンへのさらなる貢献をしていない、擁護者は、6つのトリックを取っていることが、低ダイヤモンドの最悪のリードで、彼らは代わりに西のスペードを率いて1トンを取られている可能性が、そして南迅速にないトランプの4つのovertricksで作る倍増しない最後の2トンを一の異常な結果を失点する前に5そのスーツのトリックやクラブの6を現金化北が開くことを選択した北south.atに2番目のテーブルに580のスコアを与えたTサウスは軽率な行為に西を引き起こすことを期待し、4チームに静かに上げ積極的ではなく、完全に不合理な行動、そして彼の想像を超えて成功 - 現代的なスタイルの事前回避トン3クラブの彼の入札は、テイクアウト用に東で倍増したと西には疑う余地の西側が東側はクラブが短く、実際にそうであったよりもスペードに長くなることを期待していない、と赤いスーツの西の名誉は自分の体重を引く可能性が高い積極的かつほぼ完全に不合理な行動のTであったfourスペードのtを入札するとき北は彼の切り札を率いていた場合、それでもそれは西のためにむしろfourスペードは南へのラウンド来た時、10トリックの契約のtに彼の側にコミットするよりもいくつかの値を表示するには倍増するより賢明だっただろう、彼は、それが放棄科学、しっかりと一層の北を、tを倍増南の正しい防衛はしないように相手に警告するためにクラブのキングを現金、10で勝つためになる
      my fondest folly is finally beateni once had the distinction , if that is the right word , of making no tricks at all as declarer in a doubled contract t i had opened an almost impeccable strong no trump , and when my left-hand opponent doubled for penalty and my right-hand opponent sat for it i passed , but after my left-hand opponent had run a six-card suit of his own and put his partner in to do likewise , the bad guys still had an ace and i was down seven.i consoled myself with the thought that i had established a world record that was unlikely to be beaten , but i had reckoned without the developments on today's deal from the european open championships in poznan t east-west vulnerable , dealer north.east opened a strong no trump , and had this article been written a few years ago it would not have been written at all (if you see what i mean) t west would use stayman in case his partner had hearts , east would deny a major , west would gamble 3nt , the defence would take the first four tricks in spades , declarer would take the next nine with the favourable lie of the minor suits , and no one would know that there was the slightest problem t not today t it is all the rage to intervene , especially at favourable vulnerability , against an opening bid of one no trump to your right t the arguments are perfectly sound – most expert pairs will reach a good contract left to their own devices after one of them opens a no trump , so you should not leave them to their own devices but introduce devices of your own.south had such a device: he bid two diamonds to show diamonds and a major suit t west doubled , which was explained (correctly) as a takeout double of diamonds t so , expecting east to take it out , north passed the double rather than attempting to play in his partner's major t this proved a huge error , because east was quite happy to defend two diamonds doubled , so the auction finished in that contract t west led the queen of diamonds , then a heart to east's ace t east drew trumps and played the ace of clubs and another t since west (to his credit) had not discarded any clubs , the defenders took the rest t eight down.bridgezia
      finding the funny sideteam monaco is the brainchild of swiss property magnate pierre zimmermann , and contains franck multon from france and two of the world's greatest partnerships in fantoni and nunes from italy , helgemo and helness from norway t the new team won the first of what i am sure will be many major titles when they carried off the spingold trophy at the recent american summer nationals in toronto t today's deal was not a joke if , as i was , you happened to be on the team opposing monaco , but it did have its funny side t north-south vulnerable , dealer south:at the table where monaco held the north-south cards , claudio nunes opened the south hand with two hearts t this is not a weak bid in his system – it shows about 10-15 points and an unbalanced hand with at least five hearts t north relayed with an artificial bid of two spades , east overcalled three diamonds , south passed to show a minimum and north took a slight gamble when he bid three no trumps , but he was expecting a real opening from his vulnerable partner rather than a nine count t but on a diamond lead the south hand proved to be entirely strong enough – declarer won the first diamond in his hand and continued the suit , and when the defenders could not cash enough spades to beat the contract , monaco had an excellent plus the other table the opening bid was also two hearts t was this a skewed weak two bid from an american player? no – the american player with the south hand passed , and the swiss (or monegasque) player with the west hand opened the bidding t in pierre zimmermann's methods two hearts showed a weakish hand with at least 5-4 in the majors t north passed and east , naturally enough , jumped to four spades , a contract that although not cast-iron had some chances considering the east-west cards in isolation t with the north-south cards as they actually were those chances were between slim and none – multon in fact did pretty well to get out for one down t but that was good enough for 11 imps to monaco , which took the lead in the match for the first time with that swing and never lost it.bridgezia
      面白いsideteamモナコを見つけるのはスイスのプロパティ王ピエールツィンマーマンの発案によるものであり、ノルウェーtからフランクフランスからmultonとイタリアファントーニとヌネスの世界の偉大なパートナーシップの二つ、helgemoとhelnessが含まれて新たなチームが私の最初の受賞彼らは、今日の契約は、私がいたとして、あなたがモナコを相手チームになるために起こった、場合冗談ではなかったトロントtの最近のアメリカの夏の選手権でSpinGoldのトロフィーを持ち去ら時朝は、必ず多くの主要タイトルとなるが、それは持っていなかったその面白い面はt南北脆弱な、ディーラーの南:モナコは、南北のカードを保有するテーブルで、クラウディオヌネスは二つの心臓と南の手を開いたが、これは彼のシステムの弱い入札ではないT - それは約10-15点を示しています。とt北二つスペードの人工的な入札で中継された少なくとも5つの心を持つアンバランスな手、東三ダイヤモンドをover\u200b\u200bcalled、南は最小を表示するために渡され、彼は3ない切り札を入札しないときに北にわずかな賭けを取ったが、彼は本当のを期待していた彼の脆弱なパートナーというより9カウントtから開くが、ダイヤモンドの南手を導くことは十分に完全に強いことが証明 - ディクレアラーは彼の手で最初にダイヤモンドを獲得し、スーツを続け、擁護者は勝つのに十分なスペードを現金化できなかった場合契約、モナコのオープニングビッドは、2つの心だったの優れたプラス600.at他のテーブルで、南北のカードを持っていたTは、これはアメリカの選手から偏った弱いtwo入札でしたか?は - 南の手を持つアメリカのプレーヤーは渡されません、そして西の手によるスイス(またはモナコ)プレイヤーは2つの心が少なくともt北が渡されたメジャーで5-4としてやや弱い手を示したピエールZimmermann氏の方法で入札tを開設東、自然に十分には、4つのスペードではなく、鋳鉄は、ISOにおける東西のカードを考慮し、いくつかのチャンスがあったものの、契約に跳ね上がった
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