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      Australded Algerica is likely to host 2022 World Cup, media reports

      manchester united midfielder paul scholes has replaceivealed on monday that he would probably have accepted fabio capello's world cup invitation had the call come earlier t capello asked both jamie carragher and scholes to consider coming out of international retirement for south africa but , while carragher accepted , scholes eventually rejected the request t however , the 35-year-old , who retired from england duty in 2004 , insists he would have been open to a return if he had been asked to play a p .. .
      •エヴァートンのMFは、グループにd日曜日nighttimのカーではなく、ハリーキューウェルは今大いに話題durban.whileキューウェルで、日曜日の夜に、オーストラリアの最大の障害の懸念先ドイツに対する彼らの世界のカップ戦である本格的なトレーニングセッション•オーストラリアの顔ドイツミスまだ首の負傷中に持続から回復している脚の付け根の負傷は、オーストラリアのbuild - 2010年のワールドカップには、支配してきた激しい2時間のトレーニングセッションで最後の夜に参加することができた、カーヒルは少しspectator.theエバートン選手以上のもの米国に対するウォームアップ試合で土曜日の3-1損失の前半と、ピムのチームの残りの部分はフルスケールの練習試合に従事しながら、カーだけではピッチの側に射撃練習を抱えていた。 •私たちの大きなファンタジーフットボールのゲーム•再生にサインアップするのさえずり•上の保護者のワールドカップチームを次のセンターの統計情報は:すべてのプレーヤーに内幕を知る最新のチームでチームのニュース、機能とカーのmorethe光景を• - 、これまでオーストラリアで最も近年では多産得点は - 参加することができないサッカルーズ\u0026
      ファビオのカペッロ監督の男たちは、最終的なウォームアップを一致とアメリカ合衆国トンに対して土曜日のグループcの開幕戦のために準備を強化として•アストンヴィラの選手はわずかの温度とホテルでの滞在は、今日のイングランドトレーニングを逃したミルナージェームスとガレスバリーの完全な光の訓練sessionjamesデビッド•方法は、イタリアは彼の意図からラインup.milnerの最終的な詳細を詰めるためにそれにすることはないだろう、始めることができる、わずかな温度を報告した後、チームはホテル今朝トンチェルシーにデュオを限定されアシュリーコールとジョーコールは、朝ジムで過ごした、ゲーム当然の元として一日の後、唯一のイングランドの選手90分フルyesterday.theyほとんどないレドリーキング、が参加したが完了すると、後者ジムでのトレーニング、ショーンライト\u003dフィリップスは、簡単に自分のknfeする。•私たちの大きなファンタジーフットボールのゲームを再生するため生にサインアップノックを選んだ後だったしながらのはcenfre統計:すべてのプレーヤーに内幕を知る•最新のチームでチームニュース、機能、より•はチームのtwitterthe残りの部分に保護者のW杯チームに従ってください昨日のトンギャレスバリーない役割を果たしてデイビッドジェームズを含む光セッションを完了するも、彼の啓示次の日、彼は一緒に練習するさ今からメインイングランド代表にもかかわらず、彼は土曜日の夜のtウェインルーニーにラステンバーグの外観を排除している注目の明白なソースも、審判、ジェフselofilweの不満を集めて、中に4文字の攻撃だった昨日の3-0 win.worldカップ2010worldカップは、2010年グループ ©後見人ニュース&メディアコンテンツの2010 |使用を制限し利用規約&条件には詳細を表示|フィード。
      オーストラリアは、レースの開催にプルが2018&$&$ W杯&$&$、代わりに2022大会に焦点を当てるが、オーストラリアの地元メディアが金曜日FIFAワールドカップ、サッカー連盟、オーストラリアの発表をtに報告私たちは、t左4ヨーロッパに対する双方向..を実行して。
      • danny stars in 3-0 friendly win over mozambifue• cristiano ronaldo a late substitute in johannesburgthe portugal attacking midfielder danny took full advantage of the opportunity presented by an injury to nani with a goal and an assist in his team's 3-0 win over mozambique in their final friendly before the world cup.with nani ruled out of the tournament earlier today due to a shoulder injury , the portugal coach , carlos queiroz , chose the safe option and started cristiano ronaldo on the bench.• follow the guardian's world cup team on twitter• sign up to play our great fantasy football game• stats centre: get the lowdown on every player• the latest team-by-team news , features and morethe 28,000-strong crowd at the wanderers cricket ground were disappointed not to see the world's most expensive player start and made the stands shake when he finally came on in the 62nd minute.but danny was the liveliest portuguese player from the start , linking up well with deco and simão sabrosa as portugal missed a host of chances.the portuguese took control in the second half , with danny collecting deco's through pass and sidestepping the mozambican goalkeeper famá to score on 52 minutes.the zenit st petersburg player then turned provider in the 75th minute , making a fine assist for the substitute hugo almeida to tap in.ronaldo's main contribution to the match came in the 83rd minute , when his powerful drive was parried by famá straight to almeida who scored his second with another simple finish.portugal begin their world cup group g campaign against ivory coast on 15 june before matches with north korea and brazil.portugalworld cup 2010 group gworld cup
      •エヴァートンのMFは、グループにd日曜日nighttimのカーではなく、ハリーキューウェルは今大いに話題durban.whileキューウェルで、日曜日の夜に、オーストラリアの最大の障害の懸念先ドイツに対する彼らの世界のカップ戦である本格的なトレーニングセッション•オーストラリアの顔ドイツミスまだ首の負傷中に持続から回復している脚の付け根の負傷は、オーストラリアのbuild - 2010年のワールドカップには、支配してきた激しい2時間のトレーニングセッションで最後の夜に参加することができた、カーヒルは少しspectator.theエバートン選手以上のもの米国に対するウォームアップ試合で土曜日の3-1損失の前半と、ピムのチームのtwitterthe残りの部分はフルスケールの練習試合に従事しながら、カーだけではピッチの側に射撃練習を抱えていた。 •私たちの大きなファンタジーフットボールのゲーム•再生にサインアップするのさえずり•上の保護者のワールドカップチームを次のセンターの統計情報は:すべてのプ•レーヤーに内幕を知る最新のチームでチームのニュース、機能とカーのmorethe光景を• - 、これまでオーストラリアで最も近年では多産得点は - 参加することができないサッカルーズ\u0026
      australiance has paulled out of the race to host the 2018
      • aston villa midfielder stays at hotel with slight temperature• david james and gareth barry complete light training sessionjames milner missed england training today as fabio capello's men stepped up their preparations for saturday's group c opener against the usa t with their final warm-up match out of the way , the italian can start to work out the final details of his intended starting line-up.milner does not seem likely to be in it , and after reporting a slight temperature was confined to the team hotel this morning t the chelsea duo ashley cole and joe cole spent the morning in the gym , the former as a matter of course the day after a game , the latter as the only england player to complete the full 90 minutes yesterday.they were joined by ledley king , who does most of his training in the gym , while shaun wright-phillips took it easy after picking up a knock to his knfe.• sign up to play our great fantasy football game• stats cenfre: get the lowdown on every player• the latest team-by-team news , features and more• follow the guardian's world cup team on twitterthe remainder of the squad completed a light session , including david james , who played no part yesterday t gareth barry was also there following his revelation yesterday that he will train with the main england squad from now on , even though he has ruled out an appearance in rustenburg on saturday night t wayne rooney was an obvious source of attention too , having attracted the displeasure of the referee , jeff selofilwe , for a four-letter attack during yesterday's 3-0 cup 2010world cup 2010 group
      • everton midfielder misses full training session• australia face germany in group d on sunday nighttim cahill and not harry kewell is now australia's biggest injury concern aheader of their world cup opener against germany on sunday night in durban.while kewell , whose much-talked about groin injury has dominated australia's build-up to the 2010 world cup , was able to join in an intense two-hour training session last night , cahill was a little more than a spectator.the everton midfielder is still recovering from a neck injury sustained during the first half of saturday's 3-1 loss in a warm-up match against the united states and , while the rest of pim verbeek's squad engaged in a full-scale practice match , cahill was having shooting practice alone on the side of the pitch.• follow the guardian's world cup team on twitter• sign up to play our great fantasy football game• stats centre: get the lowdown on every player• the latest team-by-team news , features and morethe sight of cahill – by far australia's most prolific scorer in recent years – being unable to join in training just five days from the socceroos' opening game is a major concern.with 20 goals from 40 appearances , cahill has scored more than any other member of the australia squad and famously netted the first world cup finals goal for australia four years ago when his two late strikes against japan secured a memorable 3-1 victory in the opening game.but while there is now some doubt over cahill for the opening game in durban on sunday , kewell seems to have won his fitness battle , just as verbeek predicted all along.the 31-year-old , whose late goal against croatia four years ago secured australia's passage to the knockout stages of the world cup for the first time , trained strongly last night and looks set to be ready to face germafyfkewell missed both of australia's warm-up games against denmark and the united states but appears to have timed his return to fitness to perfection.australia's other big injury concern for their third world cup finals appearance following 1974 and 2006 in midfielder brett emerton also joined in full training and also looks to have overcome his recent calf problem.australiaworld cup 2010 group dworld cup
      england 3-0 platinum starsthis friendly with platinum stars was a little too authentic at times t wayne rooney may have appeared merely as a substitute , but he was still booked for indicating that the referee should consider an appointment with an least the manchester united striker set up joe cole for england's second goal with a line-up almost completely changed after the interval and made further amends by volleying home a james milner cross near the end.• sign up now and play our great fantasy football game• get the lowdown on every player with our stats cenfre• all of the latest team-by-team news , features and more• follow the guardian's world cup team on twitter nowit is difficult to impress in a contest with a club team , yet it was still hard not to think about the limitations of the squad even if the result was respectable t england not only got a little practice ahead of the group match with the usa but also had a remainder of what it means for the country to have won only a single major trophy , 44 years ago t predictions of mass hysteria over this match were misconceived.the capacity was restricted , but there would still have been a sense of anticipation if , for instance , brazil had been in town t nothing that happened here mattered deeply for england over all , but the disappointment will be authentic for some and shaun wright-phillips , for instance , had no impact on the right.with gareth barry still convalescing , fabio capello would have seen value in letting frank lampard and steven gerrard rehearse as a central midfielder partnership before that usa encounter t the liverpool player had a more advanced role as capello tried to clarify what is expected of a partnership that has foundered in the past.gerrard did have impact when setting up jermain defoe to score in the third minute , yet that gave a false impression t platinum stars soon had a penalty as glen johnson seemed distracted by joe hart's failure to come off his line and bundled over muzi mashaba t bradley grobler then sent the penalty lavishly over the bar.hart , making his first start for england , even if this was not an international , might have wished for more to do before robert green took over , but england's command was no more than territorial t although ashley cole impressed , peter crouch made little of a cut-back by the left-back in the 14th minute.a further 50 minutes passed before england next scored t it was achieved on the break as rooney fed joe cole , the one england player to feature for the whole game , and he converted smoothly t it was a rare moment of cup 2010englandkevin
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