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      Five reasons why Andy Murray lost the Australian Open final

      メルボルンでの彼の涙にもかかわらず、彼は男性だけで素晴らしいtenfffwhenアンディマレー演奏直面して、無罪放免にする必要がありますあまりにも意気消沈することは何故なのか、彼はかなりの回線を介して得ることができなかったのを反映し、オーストラリアすぎて理解する限り、彼をしません最終的なオープンうち彼は、ときに発射しているような武器は、最初のセットと半分に彼に捨て、効果的にセット、フェデラーは2ロジャーを与え、そのフェデラーlead.considering愛は一度だけ、その位置から失ってしまったが提供トン彼のキャリア - とは、デビスカップタイで - それは難題だったが、マーレーだけでどれだけ、彼は第3セットでのプレイに満足することができる場合であってもfourth.federer\u0026
      • ricardas berankis beats james ward 7-6 , 6-3 , 6-4• dan evans faces crucial match against laurynas grigelisbritain's hopes of avoiding their most embarrassing davis cup defeat will rest on the teenager dan evans after james ward's 7-6 , 6-3 , 6-4 defeat by the lithuanian no1 ricardas berankis in today's first singles rubber.on friday ward became the first british player in 13 years other than tim henman , greg rusedski or andy murray to win a live singles rubber when he beat laurynas grigelis t evans then lost in five sets to berankis but colin fleming and ken skupski won yesterday's doubles match to put john lloyd's team in the driving seat going into the final day.after the first day's performances , hopes were high that ward may be able to upset berankis , who is a former world junior no1 and , at 198 , ranked substantially higher than either of britain's representatives.both players held serve fairly comfortably throughout the first set but ward cracked first in the tie-break , three errors in a row from 4-4 handing the advantage to his opponent.the pressure was slowly building on the british no3 and the first break of the match duly came in the eighth game of the second set t ward had two chances to break back immediately but he could not take them and berankis , 19 , served out for a two-set lead.both players had their openings in what proved to be the final set but again it was the lithuanian who broke through , in the seventh game , and this time he had no trouble clinching victory to draw his country level at fff.defeat for britain in vilnius would be a new low , against a country with only three world-ranked singles players and whose team is made up entirely of teenagers.evans should come out on top against grigelis , who is ranked 269 places below him at 521 in the world and is playing for the third consecutive day , but the davis cup record of the 19-year-old from birmingham currently reads played three , lost three , and , when the pressure was on in the deciding rubber against poland last year , he failed to win a set.davis
      貧しい最初のフェデラーの天才ロジャーのに役立つのが無罪の壮大なswffs1 serveandyマーレーではスロースタートで決勝満塁2番目の彼は最初の法廷にトン早い段階で時間の提供が高い割合を取得するために必要を知っていた最初に彼の2番目は、大幅には、過去数ヶ月の間に改善されてかなりよく上げたが、彼は十分彼の最初の彼はリラックスしてロジャーと比較的のんきなテニストンを再生できるようになるから無料でポイントを獲得することができることはなかった役立つトン捨て提供フェデラーほとんどは、バック徒歩で彼をかかわらず、彼との試合で、2セットダウンからフェデラー暴行を着ていた多くの良いプレーを開始、常に誰も壮大で管理している骨の折れる仕事トンになる予定だったの戻りがない唯一のレイトンヒューイット、デビスカップタイでは、スラム今までどこにでもforwardthisに移動する2不本意トン行っているコンテキスト内で撮影されていないので、もしフェデラーが良い、アプローチする必要があるのかとネットアプローチをするつもりです右トンがマーレーおそらくほとんどためらいのは、特に彼はサーブが良い見つけるか有罪だったし、彼がオフに空気ではなく、うちに彼は、いくつかの高いリターンヒット深いトンの土地させるいくつかのフェデラーのフロートを返すのともっと可能性がありますは、バックハンド側、特に彼の純トンマーレーには続いている可能性があるフェデラーfbackhandには見事決勝に向かう途中、それは行っていたところを感じるfinaf.3でそれをすることができませんでしたが何らかの理由でフェデラーフェデラーは、ウォンは、最も最近の2試合tactfcsinを変えて、スイスのブロックはすぐになる2番目とマーレーもチッピングや時間で充電する努力は、ネットで制御するために、効果的に行うに無罪放免にいじめを攻撃出てきた以上のミスよりも、彼が通常ここで彼は反対しなかったトンとは、リスクの削減
      despite his tears , the scot should not be too downcast t in melbourne he faced a man playing simply brilliant tenfffwhen andy murray reflects on why he could not quite get over the line in the australian open final it will not take him too long to figure it out t his serve , which is such a weapon when it is firing , deserted him in the first set and a half , effectively giving roger federer a two-sets-to-love lead.considering that federer has only lost once from that position in his career – and that in a davis cup tie – it was a tall order , but murray can be well satisfied with how well he played in the third set , even if he will be kicking himself for not taking the match to a fourth.federer's serve must be the most under-rated shot in the game t his forehand gets all the plaudits but his serve , when it matters most , is second to none t every time he is in trouble , he finds a first serve t if you go back through the swiss's 22 grand-slam finals , you will find that more often than not he has outfaced his's not just the aces , though t time after time federer produces a first serve under pressure and over the past five years , when he has served well , he has been nigh on unbeatable t it is only on the odd day when his serve malfunctions that he becomes vulnerable and cracks appear in the rest of his game.murray's first-serve percentage ended up at 57% , which is not great (though not terrible) , but it was a lot better than it had been in the first set and a half t in the first set , he found the mark with only 45% of his first serves and federer took the third set , by which time his serve had picked up , murray was playing well and having led 5-2 he should have closed it out when he served for the set at 5-3 , let alone on the five set points in the tiebreak t he led it 6-4 but the forehand he hit into the net at 6-5 may haunt him for a while – if he had it again he may well have gone cross-court – but apart from a missed backhand volley the other three set points were saved by federer's brilliance t there was little murray could do about their past two matches federer has come out cracking winners , getting on top of murray's second serve and coming to the net regularly t today he did none of that , instead focusing on playing controlled , near-perfect tennis , never making the mistakes that would allow murray to settle.murray's tears at the end showed how much emotional energy he had put into the fortnight and if he continues to play as well as he did here , then more grand slam finals beckon t it was his bad luck that he ran into federer playing his best , but that's not the first time we've said that.australian openroger federerandy murraytennissimon
      from poor first serves to proger federer's genius , the causes of the scot's second grand slam final defeat by the swffs1 a slow start on serveandy murray knew that he needed to get a high percentage of first serves into court early on t for an hour , his first serve deserted him t his second serve , which has improved vastly in the past few months , held up pretty well but he was never able to get enough free points from his first serve to allow him to relax and play relatively carefree tennis t with roger federer barely missing a return , that put him on the back foot and though he began to play much better as the match wore on , beating federer from two sets down was always going to be an uphill task t no one has managed it in a grand slam and only lleyton hewitt , in a davis cup tie , has ever done it anywhere t 2 reluctance to move forwardthis has to be taken in context because if you are going to approach the net against someone as good as federer , the approach has to be right t but murray was perhaps guilty of a little hesitancy , particularly when he did find a good serve , and he might have been better off taking some of federer's floated returns out of the air rather than letting them land deep t he hit several excellent returns , especially on the backhand side to the federer fbackhand , which he could have followed in to the net t murray had done it superbly en route to the final , but for whatever reason he didn't feel able to do it in the finaf.3 federer changed tactfcsin their most recent two matches , which federer won , the swiss came out of the blocks quickly , attacking the murray second serve and even chipping and charging at times in an effort to take control at the net , effectively bullying the scot into making more mistakes than he normally would t here he did the opposite , cutting down the risk in his game and reducing his unforced errors as a result t it was controlled , considered tennis and even if it did not throw murray , it was something different t that is never a bad thiff.4 when the chances came , murray missed themagain , this has to tempered by what is coming from the other side of the net but murray regretted not taking a break point that would have put him up 3-2 in the first set , an opportunity he probably should have taken by being more aggressive on his forehand t in the third set , in which he held five set points in the tiebreak , at 6-5 he made a mental error by trying to take a forehand down the line , rather than playing it back to the federer backhand t his other real chance came when he put a backhand volley just wide , but the rest were saved legitimately by federer's good plff.5 federer played superbly t againsometimes you just have to admit that the other man played better on the day t federer served superbly when it ­mattered , as he so often does , and never allowed murray to settle t his serve has to be the most under-rated shot in men's tennis and when murray managed to force an opening , it was invariably closed by a big first serve from the swiss t for two sets he was near-perfect and though his level dipped ever so slightly at the start of the third , his overall consistency was so high that murray had to press too hard at times t had the match gone to a fourth set , who knows what would have happened t but on the day , federer was the better playef.australian openandy murrayroger federertennissimon
      貧しい最初のフェデラーの天才ロジャーのに役立つのが無罪の壮大なswffs1 serveandyマーレーではスロースタートで決勝満塁2番目の彼は最初の法廷にトン早い段階で時間の提供が高い割合を取得するために必要を知っていた最初に彼の2番目は、大幅には、過去数ヶ月の間に改善されてかなりよく上げたが、彼は十分彼の最初の彼はリラックスしてロジャーと比較的のんきなテニストンを再生できるようになるから無料でポイントを獲得することができることはなかった役立つトン捨て提供フェデラーほとんどは、バック徒歩で彼をかかわらず、彼との試合で、2セットダウンからフェデラー暴行を着ていた多くの良いプレーを開始、常に誰も壮大で管理している骨の折れる仕事トンになる予定だったの戻りがない唯一のレイトンヒューイット、デビスカップタイでは、スラム今までどこにでもforwardthisに移動する2不本意トン行っているコンテキスト内で撮影されていないので、もしフェデラーが良い、アプローチする必要があるのかとネットアプローチをするつもりです右トンがマーレーおそらくほとんどためらいのは、特に彼はサーブが良い見つけるか有罪だったし、彼がオフに空気ではなく、うちに彼は、いくつかの高いリターンヒット深いトンの土地させるいくつかのフェデラーのフロートを返すのともっと可能性がありますは、バックハンド側、特に彼の純トンマーレーには続いている可能性があるフェデラーfbackhandには見事決勝に向かう途中、それは行っていたところを感じるfinaf.3でそれをすることができませんでしたが何らかの理由でフェデラーフェデラーは、ウォンは、最も最近の2試合tactfcsinを変えて、スイスのブロックはすぐになる2番目とマーレーもチッピングや時間で充電する努力は、ネットで制御するために、効果的に行うに無罪放免にいじめを攻撃出てきた以上のミスよりも、彼が通常ここで彼は反対しなかったトンとは、リスクの削減
      • past first round of grand slam for only the second time• will face either jelena jankovic or monica niculescu neftbritish number two katie o'brien joined elena baltacha in the second round of the australian open after a straight sets win over patricia mayr today.the hull-bourn 23-year-old won 6-3 6-3 to progress past the first round of a grand slam for just the second time in her careeffo'brien's best ever result at a major was reaching the second round at wimbledon in 2007 and a confident display , against a player ranked three places behind her in 90th , ensured she would at least match that.a difficult task could , however , await her in the next round where she will play the winner of today's match between no8 seed jelena jankovic and monica niculeffffo'brien had seen fellow briton baltacha win through in straight sets yesterday before her scheduled matc h was postponed because of the rain.that meant o'brien was first on court four today and quickly found her stride , breaking her austrian opponent in the fifth game to go 3-2 ahead and then , with mayr serving to stay in the set , breaking again to take the advantafe.mayr broke early in the second set , but from there the austrian's serve let her downcast t o'brien pounced on the opportunity and broke on three consecutive occasions to surge ahead before wrapping up the match when mayr dumped a forehand into the nft.australian
      •ricardas berankisジェームス7-6、6-3、6-4•ダンエバンス病棟ビートの後に10代のダンエバンス行われる見通しだが最も恥ずかしいデビスカップの敗北を回避するためlaurynas grigelisbritainの期待に対する重要な試合に直面James Ward氏の7-6、6今日の最初のシングルrubber.on金曜日病棟では、リトアニアno1 ricardas berankisで-3、6-4で敗れた13年のティムヘンマン以外の最初のイギリスのプレーヤーは、彼laurynasビートライブシングルゴム勝つためにルゼドスキーまたはアンディマレーグレッグになったgrigelisトンを5セットでberankisしかし、コリンフレミングと研究skupskiに、昨日の運転席には、初日の公演、期待して追い払うためにできることがあります高された最後のday.afterに入るのジョンの中で最も有名な結果に恍惚としたロイドのチームを組みダブルスウォンの損失をエバンス誰なのか混乱berankis、世界no1中学校の元と、198で、実質的に英国のrepresentatives.both選手のいずれかの非常に快適に最初のセットを通じて提供開催さよりも高く、最初にタイでひびの入った病棟改位の行にある3つのエラーから4月4日彼opponent.the圧力を利用渡すゆっくりと建物は、英国の第3号と一致正式には第2セットトン区の8試合に来た最初の休憩に帰りすぐにブレークするが、彼を取ることができませんでした2つのチャンスがあった彼らとberankis、19、2 - lead.both選手セットで何を最終的に設定するが、再び人を突破したが、第7ゲームで、リトアニア語、と彼は問題があった、この時であることを証明その開口部だったが務めたビリニュスで、英国のfff.defeatで彼の国のレベルを描画するための勝利clinching新しい低、国に対してのみの3つの世界のシングルプレーヤー位となるが、チームは完全teenagers.evansのgrigelisに対して上に出てくる必要が構成されて氏は521で、世界で彼の下269の場所にランクされているため再生している
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