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      US jail to house Guantanamo men

      thomson correctional center could house up to 100 terror suspects a number of inmates from the us detention centre at guantanamo bay are to be transferred to an illinois prison , a us official has said t the thomson correctional center in thomson , illinois , will house between 35 and 90 detainees , us media report t the official said closing guantanamo detention centre was essential to remove a key al-qaeda recruiting tool t president barack obama has pledged to close the cffa-based camp and had given himself one year to achieve this t however , with officials still trying to work out what to do with about 215 inmates still at the camp , he admitted in november that a 22 january deadline had slipped to later in 2010 t fstep forward' today's announcement is an important step forward as we work to achieve our national security objective , a us official said in a statement t closing the detention centre at guantanamo is essential to protecting our national security and helping our troops by removing a deadly recruiting tool from the hands of al-qaeda t thomson correctional center built 2001 adult male prison only minimum-security section operating no date for opening maximum-security section maximum-security capacity: 1,600 minimum-security capacity: 200 average daily population: 144 source: illinois department of corrections illinois' thomson jail the white house is expected to make an official announcement confirming the decision later on tuesday t the bbc's adam brookes , in washington , says that the prison transfer might go some way to addressing the problem of guantanamo but it will not solve it t our correspondent adds that european nations - who have until now taken the attitude that if the us will not house the detainees , they will not either - may be softening their stance to accept small numbers of prisoners t the near-empty thomson prison , about 150 miles f240km) from chicago , was promoted as an alternative by illinois senator richard durbin t the prison , built in 2001 , has the capacity for 1,600 inmates , but due to budget constraints only houses 200 prisoners t it would be sold to the federal bureau of prisons and then part of it leased to the department of defense , reports say t federal prisoners would be held at the facility , as well as the former guantanamo inmates , officials said t of the remaining guantanamo inmates , some are expected to be sent to other countries , while others could face military tribunals or be tried in us courts t prisons in colorado , montana and elsewhere in illinois had expressed an interest in housing guantanamo inmates .
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