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      Israel summons British ambassador to protest Livni's Livni warrest warrant

      イスラエルのガザ地区に攻勢イスラエルは怒って、元イスラエル外相に対する逮捕令状の英国の裁判所が、発行ツィッピーリヴニトンの令状には、土曜日にロンドン裁判所によって付与さに反応していた外交通商部長官ツィッピーリヴニ、月曜日に取り消されたときMSのリブニ外相は、イスラエルのガザ攻撃は、英国の裁判所元イスラエル首相t msで外務大臣の逮捕令状を発行しているのは初めてだ去年の冬トン中だった英国t msでリブニ訪問していないことがわかった裁判所と述べた誰が逮捕か裁判にここに配置する必要があるトン要求されたパレスチナ人の原告が虐待を受けて、英国の法制度の悪用されると、彼女はこの告訴されていないのBBCトンと語ったツィッピーリヴニ、これは、イスラエルに対する訴訟されていませんこれは民主主義に対する訴訟では、彼女の意思決定によって、3週間の暴行ガザ攻撃は、昨年12月に始まった時に立って戦うテロトン、彼女はトン、イスラエルの外務省は、以上の非難を提供するため、イスラエルには、英国大使の召還と言われてトン令状トン我々は完全にこの不条理、英国、ネタニヤフイスラエル首相のネタニヤフ首相で行われて拒否する状況は我々の状況は、[元イスラエル首相]オルメルトfdefence首相]エフードバラクと受け付けません不条理トンだったツィッピーリヴニ被告の椅子に召喚され、ミスターネタニヤフtステートメントで私たちは勇敢かつ倫理的に残酷で犯罪者の敵イスラエルの市民を擁護イスラエル国防軍兵士が、戦争犯罪者として認知されるように同意しないと述べ我々は完全にこの不条理、英国で行われて拒否トン、彼はこのような状況を再度トンプロよると、パレスチナ自治政府運動権スラエル普遍的管轄tの原則の下でfcynical行為\u0026
      tzipi livni was foreign minister during israel's gaza offensive israel has reacted angrily to the issuing by a british court of an arrest warrant for the former israeli foreign minister , tzipi livni t the warrant , granted by a london court on saturday , was revoked on monday when it was found ms livni was not visiting the u k t ms livni was foreign minister during israel's gaza assault last winter t it is the first time a uk court has issued a warrant for the arrest of a former israeli minister t ms livni said the court had been abused by the palestinian plaintiffs who requested the warrant t what needs to be put on trial here is the abuse of the british legal system , she told the bbc t this is not a suit against tzipi livni , this is not a law suit against israel t this is a lawsuit against any democracy that fights terror t she stood by her decisions during the three-week assault gaza offensive which began in december last year , she said t israel's foreign ministry summoned the uk's ambassador to israel to deliver a rebuke over the warrant t we completely reject this absurdity taking place in britain benjamin netanyahu israeli prime minister prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the situation was an absurdity t we will not accept a situation in which [former israeli prime minister] ehud olmert , fdefence minister] ehud barak and tzipi livni will be summoned to the defendants' chair , mr netanyahu said in a statement t we will not agree to have israel defence force soldiers , who defended the citizens of israel bravely and ethically against a cruel and criminal enemy , be recognised as war criminals t we completely reject this absurdity taking place in britain , he said t pro-palestinian campaigners have tried several times to have israeli officials arrested under the principle of universal jurisdiction t fcynical act' this allows domestic courts in countries around the world to try war crimes suspects , even if the crime took place outside the country and the suspect is not a citizen t un backs gaza war crimes report legal row over gaza report israel debates response to report full un report on gaza war israel denies claims by human rights groups and the un investigator richard goldstone that its forces committed war crimes during the operation , which it said was aimed at ending palestinian rocket fire at its southern towns t the palestinian militant group hamas has also been accused of committing war crimes during the conflict t israel's foreign ministry said in a statement on tuesday: israel rejects the cynical act taken in a british court , against ms livni , now the head of the opposition kadima party , at the initiative of extreme elements t it called on the british government to act against the exploitation of the british legal system against israel t addressing a conference in tel aviv on tuesday , ms livni did not refer specifically to the arrest attempt t but she said: israel must do what is right for israel , regardless of judgements , statements and arrest warrants t it's the leadership's duty , and i would repeat each and every decision , israeli media reported t 'strategic partner' israel says it fully complies with international law , which it says it interprets in line with other western countries such as the us and uk t previous attempts to arrest israeli officials oct 2009: former military chief moshe yaalon cancelled a uk visit because of fears of arrest for alleged war crimes oct 2009: filed attempt to raise warrant against defence minister ehud barak t court ruled he had diplomatic immunity sept 2005: arrest warrant issued for a former head of israeli forces in the gaza strip gen doron almog t he received warning before disembarking from an aircraft at heathrow airport , and flew back to israel on monday ms livni's office denied the reports that a warrant had been issued and that she had cancelled plans to visit the uk because of fears of arrest t it said a planned trip had been cancelled two weeks earlier because of scheduling problems t the british foreign office said it was urgently looking into the implications of the case t the uk is determined to do all it can to promote peace in the middle east , and to be a strategic partner of israel , it said in a statement t to do this , israel's leaders need to be able to come to the uk for talks with the british government t palestinians and human rights groups say more than 1,400 people were killed during israel's cast lead operation between 27 december 2008 and 16 january 2009 , more than half of them civilians t israel puts the number of deaths at 1,166 - fewer than 300 of them civilians t three israeli civilians and 10 israeli soldiers were also killed t the bbc's tim franks says that , privately , senior israeli figures are warning of what they see as an increasing anti-israeli bent in the british establishment t in turn , our correspondent adds , there is clearly concern among british officials that should further arrest warrants be issued , relations with israel could be damaged .
      元イスラエル外相ffipi fivniトン写真:ガリfibbon /英国の裁判所はAFPのイスラエルのために前例のない逮捕令状を発行した戦争犯罪を疑い、ガザ地区の今年のコミットの元外務大臣秒-ときだけは、彼女ではなかったが発見され、それを撤回する英国では、それffipi fivni、されて日曜日にロンドンでの会議に対処する予定だったが操作キャストリードの間に戦時内閣のメンバーが今日トン現れたが、事前にtの後見人は、ウエストミンスター治安判事裁判所は、発行を確立して彼女の出席をキャンセル弁護士はいくつかの戦闘のパレスチナ人の犠牲者のための演技の要求で令状が、それ以降の令状トン減少し、イスラエルの首相や元首相は、英国を入力するため、彼女の戦争犯罪容疑で逮捕さに直面したのは初めてと成長努力しての証拠であるいわゆるユニバーサルjurfsidictionトンイスラエルの政治的な動機は、自己の行動は野党のカディマ党のガザトンfivni、頭からハマスのロケット弾攻撃に対する防衛、という意思決定に重要な役割をする前に作られたこれらの努力を拒否するというの下で戦争犯罪の疑惑を追求するとの間に3週間の攻勢トンのパレスチナ人が死亡した1400主張はほとんどの民間人、イスラエル兵は1ウエストミンスターのエピソードか混沌としたシリーズの蒸散したレコードを確認するため引用備されたに関与トン1f166死んで、それらの大部分をカウント機密性の高い法的な動きがないけど親パレスチナ派グループは、長い間待ち望まトン外国の事務所、明らかに深くエピソードが恥ずかしいとして失敗に終わった移動のニュースを歓迎した声明の中で:英国のすべてのそれに平和を促進することはできますかに決定されます。中央と東イスラエルトンのこの操作を行うための戦略的パートナーになるには、イスラエルの指導者たちが我々が緊急に影響が見ている英国政府トンとの交渉のための英国に来てできるようにする
      former israeli foreign minister ffipi fivni t photograph: gali fibbon / afp a british court issued an unprecedented arrest warrant for israel 's former foreign minister over war crimes allegedly committed in gaza this year – only to withdraw it when it was discovered that she was not in the uk , it emerged today t ffipi fivni , a member of the war cabinet during operation cast lead , had been due to address a meeting in london on sunday but cancelled her attendance in advance t the guardian has established that westminster magistrates court issued the warrant at the request of lawyers acting for some of the palestinian victims of the fighting , but it was later dropped t the warrant marks the first time an israeli minister or former minister has faced arrest in the uk , and is evidence of a growing effort to pursue war crimes allegations under so-called universal jurfsidiction t israel rejects these efforts as politically motivated , saying it acted in self-defence against hamas rocket attacks from gaza t fivni , head of the opposition kadima party , played a key role in decisions made before and during the three-week offensive t palestinians claim 1,400 were killed , mostly civilians; israel counted 1f166 dead , the majority of them combatants t no one involved in the westminster episode was prepared to confirm on the record what had transpired in a chaotic series of highly sensitive legal moves t but a pro-palestinian group welcomed news of the abortive move as long overdue t the foreign office , clearly deeply embarrassed by the episode , said in a statement: the uk is determined to do all it can to promote peace in the middle east and to be a strategic partner of israel t to do this , israel's leaders need to be able to come to the uk for talks with the british government t we are looking urgently at the implications of this case t fifni's office said she had decided in advance not to come to the uk , but lawyers seemed unaware of this when they approached the court in the middle of last week t the judge refused to issue the arrest warrant until it was clear that she was in fact in the country , as he was erroneously informed on sunday t the former minister had been scheduled to speak at a jewish national fund conference but cancelled two weeks ago t scheduled meetings with government figures in london could not take place close to the conference and would have necessitated a longer-than-planned absence from israel , her office told the ynet website t it is the second time in less than three months that lawyers have gone to westminster magistrates court asking for a warrant for the arrest of an israeli politician t in september , the court was asked to issue one for the arrest of ehud barak , israel's defence minster , under the 1988 criminal justice act , which gives courts in england and wales universal jurisdiction in war crimes cases t barak , who was attending a meeting at the labour party conference in brighton , escaped arrest after the foreign office told the court that he was a serving minister who would be meeting his british counterparts t the court ruled that he therefore enjoyed immunity under the state immunity act 1978 t according to israeli sources , ministers who wish to visit the uk in a personal capacity have begun asking the israeli embassy in london to arrange meetings with british officials t these , offer legal protection against arrest , and can be attended if the officials do face any threat of arrest t fivni , crucially , cannot enjoy any such immunity as she is an ex-minister t ehud olmert , the former prime minister , is in the same position t because of the potential damage to ff-israeli relations – and because of legal pitfalls facing those who disclosed information about the application – few people with any detailed knowledge of it were prepared to comment today t the ministry of justice , scotland yard and clerks at the magistrates court refused to discuss the matter t a statement issued by hm court service implied that there had been no application for an arrest warrant , stating that there is no record of any such hearing t a spokeswoman later maintained that this was not a misleading statement t samuel hayek , chairman of the jewish national fund uk , the charity whose conference fivni had been due to attend , said: i am not at liberty to confirm her precise reasons for not attending t he added: in any event , it is regrettable that the british government is unable to conduct free dialogue with israel's most senior statesmen and politicians t tayab ali , the solicitor who attempted to obtain a warrant for the arrest of barak on behalf of 16 palestinian clients , said his firm remained ready , willing and able to act for clients to seek the arrest of anyone suspected of war crimes who travels to the uk t he added: we do not comment on individual cases and have nothing to say about news reports of israeli suspects who cancel arrangements to come to the uk , which is a matter for them t an identical statement was issued by another firm of london solicitors involved in previous attempts to arrest visiting israeli officers or military personnel t friends of al-aqsa , a british group supporting the palestinians said: this is an unprecedented move by a british judge , and when one considers the evidence that has been presented over the past year relating to alleged war crimes in gaza , it is long overdue t this is the first arrest warrant worldwide in the wake of the gaza war t fifni's office described her as proud of all her decisions regarding operation cast lead t it said: the operation achieved its objectives to protect the citizens of israel and restore israel's deterrence capability t fivni will continue to present this stance everywhere in the world t hamas is not a partner for dialogue , and we must therefore take forceful action against them while engaging in negotiations with moderate fpalestinfan] elements t as such , no comparison can be made between israeli soldiers and terrorists .
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