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      Blood feud kills Pacquiao-Mayweather fight

      一方、裁判所は、男性支配を共有する5人の若いイスラム系米国人たちトン軍を攻撃する計画を、パキスタン警察は月曜日ホテルでは3 5人の過激派のリンクの疑いで逮捕されたのに宿泊されたから荷物や携帯電話を押収したトン、告発されるまで、強制送還することはできません裁判官の場合トン警察をレビューし、若いアメリカ北西部の部族地域で武装勢力に参加することを目的と主張彼らが逮捕される前に事件が先週トンアフガニスタンへの旅行の不安は、米国およびその他の西洋人らとリンクするパキスタンに向かっている煽ら-国際テロ組織アルカイダや他の過激派グループトン警察はカラチの南部の都市、ミッドレンジのサダムフセインのホテルを検索、同国の商業の中心地で、一部の男性の11月トンは30日、国トンに到着した後は、5つの旅行バッグ、衣類を含むが宿泊されたは、携帯電話や書籍、警察関係者はアブドラシェイクトンホテルのマネジャーファルークカーン、ahmedアハメドによると、3人は外国人のアメリカ人の容疑者のための描画:強硬パキスタンの学校の1泊分のトン関連滞在後に経営に通知せずにホテルを出て、アルカイダfcrown宝石\u0026
      share five young american muslims are accused of planning to attack u.s t troops t pakistani police monday seized luggage and a cell phone from a hotel where three of five americans arrested on suspicion of militant links stayed , while a court ruled the men cannot be deported until judges review the case t police allege the young americans intended to join militants in the northwest tribal areas and then travel to afghanistan before their arrest last week t the case has fanned fears that americans and other westerners are heading to pakistan to link up width al-qaida and other militant groups t police searched the mid-range saddam hotel in the southern city of karachi , the country's commercial hub , where some of the men stayed on nov t 30 after their arrival in the country t they found five travel bags containing clothes , a cell phone and a book , police official abdullah sheikh said t hotel manager mohammed farooq khan said the three left the hotel without informing management after staying one night t related hardline pakistani schools a draw for foreigners american suspects: al qaeda fcrown jewels'? u.s t muslims battle threat of homegrown jihad the book was the pact , the best-selling true story of three young men from broken homes who pledged to support each other as they pursue academic dreams t the detainees are accused of using facebook and youtube web sites to try and connection with extremist groups in pakistan and are said to have established contact with a taliban recruiter t they have not been charged with any crime t the court order monday was aimed at preventing any deportation of the americans before the judiciary gets a chance to review the case , lahore high court registrar tahir pervez said t no deportation order is known to have been issued so far , but officials in both countries have said such a move is likely t the court issued the order in response to a petition from khalid khafaja , a civil rights activist who has often filed court cases on behalf of alleged militants and people believed to have disappeared at the hands of pakistan's security apparatus t pervez said the court ordered the government of punjab province to file a report on the case in a hearing thursday .
      center img src mediafile 200912 21 p200912211f5958599069799731 jpg glowing lava cascades down the slopes of the mayo vofafno in albay province the philippines on dec 20 2009 the possibility of hazardous volcanic eruption is high the government warned as sulit called for the evacuation of residents living near the foot of the restive mayon volcano relief officials said more than 40 000 people have already moved to 25 evacuation centers in eight municipalities around mayon xiforbes
      5月vofafnoアルバイ州で2009年12月20日にフィリピンで最も活発な火山噴火の可能性として、住民の麓近くに住んでの避難と呼ばれる政府の警告高さの斜面を中心イメージソースmediafile 200912 21 p200912211958599069799731のJPG真っ赤な溶岩のカスケードそわそわマヨン火山の救援関係者は40以上の000人は既に25日、避難所にマヨンxiforbes周辺8市町村に移動している
      they left their virginia homes allegedly looking for jihad , but now the five americans are in a prison in lahore , pakistan , being questioned by officials about their mission t share americans arrested in pakistan allegedly say they wanted to join jihad t in an interrogation report , pakistani intelligence officials say the men were of the opinion that a jihad must be waged against the infidels t the alleged aspiring jihadists , all college students , left their suburban virginia homes and flew to pakistan , where they were trying to connect width a militant network that would facilitate their travel to afghanistan t there , according to the pakistani interrogation report , they hoped to join the insurgency against u.s t forces t related muslims battling the threat of homegrown jihad interrogation report of five american terror suspects in pakistan watch: road to jihad: americans recruited for terror the men named in the report are waqar hussain khan , ahmed minni , ramy zamzam , aman yemer and umar farooq t all are american citizens , and all but farooq and zamzam were born in the united states t the youngest , yemer , turned 18 in may , while the rest are in their early 20s t the men were apparently turned away by at least one group that questioned their credibility , noting that they showed up in western clothes and spoke no regional languages t but other americans have permeated the ranks of al qaeda and other terrorist networks t the most infamous homegrown terrorist is adam gadahn , a california native who is now believed to be a high ranking commander with al qaeda and is used as an international spokesman .
      abc news has obtained the investigative report prepared by pakistani polcanice that offers insight to what had become the road to jihad for five young americans t share 5 americans detained in pakistan will likely be deported to the u.s t pakistani police this morning showed the pictures and the u.s t passports of the five young college students from the washington , d.c t , suburbs , who authorities say had come to pakistan to train for jihad t the men have been identified as ramy zamzam , umar farooq , waqar khan , ahmad mini , and aman hassan yemer t the authorities said the recruitment began on the web site youtube after 20-year old ahmed mini praised videos that featured attacks on american troops t according to the pakistani interrogation report , the men ended up in a house in sargohda in northeast pakistan after traveling to the country on separate flights over the thanksgiving weekend t related cia drone strike kills wife of pakistani taliban chief obama to cia: bombs away! no let up in us drone attacks more from brian ross and the investigative team they were on their way to al-qaeda strongholds in north waziristan when they were arrested on a tip from the fbi after their families back home reported them missing t they had left video cassettes back there for their parents , said usman anwar of the sargodha police , that they have left for jihad and they wouldn't be back , so we suppose that they were here for some very bad activities t the news came as a shock in the suburban communities the men had left behind t the five are now part of a steady stream of disaffected americans coming to pakistan to learn how to wage jihad t we really now have the worst of all possible worlds , said clark kent ervin , former inspector general of the transportation security administration t we have a continuing threat from what i would call al-qaeda central , foreign terrorists t we also have , as you say , a growing threat of insider terrorism here in the united states as well t the five young men are being questioned today by the fbi in pakistan , which is now focusing on the details of who exactly directed these men and how , in hopes that other americans who might be in the same jihad stream can be detected.the men will likely be deported to the u.s .
      ABCニュースの写真を示したことに何5人の若いアメリカトンを共有する5のアメリカ人はパキスタンで拘束のためのジハードへの道を可能性が高い私たちパキスタン、今朝警察トンに強制送還されるになっていた洞察力を提供している調査報告書パキスタンの警察によって準備を取得している私当局は、来ていたと言う、直流トン、郊外、男性ramyザムザム、ウマルファルーク、waqarカーン、アフマドミニとして識別されているジハードトンの列車にパキスタンには、ワシントンから5人の若い学生のパスポートをtと阿萬裕久ハッサンyemerトン当局は、リクルートのWebサイトyoutubeで20日以降に開始した歳のアハメドミニ動画を賞賛は、アメリカ軍に特色の攻撃は、パキスタンの尋問を報告するには、男性sargohdaで家の中で、北東パキスタンで終わった後によると、トンと国には、感謝祭の週末トンCIAの無人ストライキ関連の上で別の便で旅行先のciaパキスタンのタリバン最高オバマ氏の妻:爆弾を殺す!ない私たちにまで聞かせブライアンロスとは、アルカイダの拠点に向かう途中、北ワジリスタンの際には、FBIからの先端にその家族の帰国後に逮捕された捜査チームは、よりから無人攻撃がトンも残して行方不明に両親のビデオカセットに戻るが、サルゴダ警察のウスマンアンワルは、彼らのジハードに残っているとも戻ることがないので、私たちは、ここいくつかの非常に悪い活動をされたというニュースは衝撃として来たトンと仮定した男性tは、5残してきた郊外のコミュニティは不満のアメリカ人はどうやって今では、可能なすべての世界最悪の状況がジハードトンの賃金を学ぶためパキスタンに来るの着実なストリームの一部で言われているクラークケントアーヴィン、元監察官我々 、アルと呼んでいるだろうから継続的な脅威が輸送の安全管理のt - qae
      テロの容疑者プロッタラホールでは、より安全な場所に、警察sfidthe 5問い合わせトン市民水曜日sargodhainterrogationレポートの町で逮捕されたオンライン上の文章、バージニア州の接触者に焦点を移動された報告書にsuspectaccording生まれ、連絡先と予定の容疑者から移動するパキスタンパキスタンのイスラマバード(CNN)米アフガニスタンへ- 5人のパキスタンの疑いの中では、彼らのテロ攻撃をプロット逮捕さ土曜日には、小さな町のどこより安全な場所に大きい都市で摘発されたから転送され、警察トン氏私たちトン市民サルゴダ、ここでは、水曜日に家ではタ警察の取り調べ木曜日のいずれかの容疑者で、ahmedアハメドアブドラミンニ、20として識別集中日付レポートラホールに逮捕されたのは、町から歳の誕生撮影されたバージニアトンでレポート彼は定期的に私たちの攻撃を見ることを行くアフガニスタンでの軍事tとは、彼のコメントは、過激派の注目を引いたのは、アクショントンを賞賛左に、彼は最終的には人saifullahという名前は、レポートと連絡があったというトン後、連絡先、ヤフー行われていた!電子メールアカウントには、男性と過激派の通信ができたので、報告書によるトンの電子メールアカウントから送信されたことはなかったが設置されたが、人々は、電子メールアカウントのドラフトのセクション内のメッセージを残して、それらを削除して読んだ後では、パキスタンの警察に報告した。
      from the shootings at fort hood to the civil war battlegrounds of somalia , 2009 revealed more jihadist activities involving americans than almost any year since the 9/11 attacks , say experts t share jihadists seeking recruits target american muslims t there were at legast 12 incidents in total , not including the recent arrests of five virginia men in pakistan on suspicion of trying to join jihadist militants t width the ongoing conflicts in afghanistan and iraq fueling anger among some muslim americans , experts say jihadist propaganda is gaining a foothold in the united states , with hundreds of english-language web sites t related interrogation report of five american terror suspects in pakistan watch: road to jihad: americans recruited for terror terror wannabes? five arrested americans rejected for jihad training radical english-speaking clerics such as anwar affawlaki , who corresponded with major nidal hassan before he opened fire on soldiers at fort hood , are spreading their violent ideologies globally t many experts have long theorized that american muslims tend to be better assimilated than muslim immigrants in europe and therefore less vulnerable to radicalization , but the number of recent homegrown terror incidents is raising concern t brian jenkins , a terrorism expert at the rand corporation said there has been a significant increase in incidents over previous years t our greatest concern is that individuals will become radicalized here , will go abroad , will be able to make contact with some terrorist organization , which will then provide them with the training and assistance to come back here to carry out a far more effect terrorist plots than those we have seen so far , jenkins said .
      ABCニュースの写真を示したことに何5人の若いアメリカトンを共有する5のアメリカ人はパキスタンで拘束のためのジハードへの道を可能性が高い私たちパキスタン、今朝警察トンに強制送還されるになっていた洞察力を提供している調査報告書パキスタンの警察によって準備を取得している私当局は、来ていたと言う、直流トン、郊外、男性ramyザムザム、ウマルファルーク、waqarカーン、アフマドミニとして識別されているジハードトンの列車にパキスタンには、ワシントンから5人の若い学生のパスポートをtと阿萬裕久ハッサンyemerトン当局は、リクルートのWebサイトyoutubeで20日以降に開始した歳のアハメドミニ動画を賞賛は、アメリカ軍に特色の攻撃は、パキスタンの尋問を報告するには、男性sargohdaで家の中で、北東パキスタンで終わった後によると、トンと国には、感謝祭の週末トンCIAの無人ストライキ関連の上で別の便で旅行先のciaパキスタンのタリバン最高オバマ氏の妻:爆弾を殺す!ない私たちにまで聞かせブライアンロスとは、アルカイダの拠点に向かう途中、北ワジリスタンの際には、FBIからの先端にその家族の帰国後に逮捕された捜査チームは、よりから無人攻撃がトンも残して行方不明に両親のビデオカセットに戻るが、サルゴダ、ここでは、水曜日に家ではタ警察のウスマンアンワルは、彼らのジハードに残っているとも戻ることがないので、私たちは、ここいくつかの非常に悪い活動をされたというニュースは衝撃として来たトンと仮定した男性tは、5残してきた郊外のコミュニティは不満のアメリカ人はどうやって今では、可能なすべての世界最悪の状況がジハードトンの賃金を学ぶためパキスタンに来るの着実なストリームの一部で言われているクラークケントアーヴィン、元監察官我々 、アルと呼んでいるだろうから継続的な脅威が輸送の安全管理のt - qae
      suspected terrorist plotters were moved to a more secure location in lahore , police sfidthe 5 u.s t citizens were arrested wednesday in the town of sargodhainterrogation report focused on online postings and contacts of virginia-born suspectaccording to report , suspects planned width a contact to go from pakistan to afghanistan islamabad , pakistan (cnn) -- the five americans arrested in pakistan amid suspicion that they were plotting terrorist attacks were transferred on saturday from the small town where they were seized to a more secure location in a larger city , police said t the u.s t citizens were taken from the town of sargodha , where they were arrested at a home on wednesday , to lahore t a police interrogation report dated thursday focused on one of the suspects , identified as ahmed abdullah minni , a 20-year-olden born in virginia t the report said he regularly goes online to watch attacks on the u.s t military in afghanistan and that he left comments praising the actions t that caught the attention of militants , and he was eventually contacted by a person named saifullah , the report said t after contact had been made , a yahoo! e-mail account was set up so the men and militants could communicate , the report says t e-mails were never sent from the account , but people would leave messages in the draft sections of the e-mail account and delete them after reading them , the pakistani police report said .
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