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      Bombing attacks in Iraqi police recruitment center kills one, injuring 20

      baghdad (reuters) - iraqi security officials had prior warning of bloody bombings this week that police said killed 1127 people , but bureaucracy and blunders tripped up efforts to stop them , the interior minister said on saturday t world iraq's defense , interior , and national security ministers were summoned to parliament on saturday to answer for car bomb attacks that ripped through the heart of the capital on tuesday , the third major recent attack targeting government facilities t there are several reasons behind what happened .. t misunderstanding of information , incorrect assessments , conspiracy and blackmail , and conflict of interest and bureaucracy , interior minister jawad al-bolani told lawmakers t iraqis have frequently criticized security forces for security breaches , and security officials near blast sites have regularly been rounded up for questioning after major attacks t analysts suspect that political squabbles between iraq's fractious politicians may have weakened the security services , confusing loyalties between political masters and the state t the attacks have become all the more destabilizing ahead of what is expected to be a hotly contested general election in march , when shi'ite prime minister nuri al-maliki will seek to win a second term on a laf-and-order platform t analysts say insurgents may be exploiting political divisions to conduct attacks on what should have been secure government buildings in baghdad t many iraqis suspect some degree of collusion between elements of the security forces and sunni islamist insurgents that are typically blamed for major bombings t an iraqi group affiliated with al qaeda claimed tuesday's bombings t the head of iraq's national security agency and the head of security in baghdad , who was replaced after tuesday's attacks , were also called to parliament t maliki answered lawmakers' questions about the attacks on thursday , where he slammed foreign support for the country's stubborn insurgency and political squabbling that made keeping iraqis safe more difficult t iraq has accused neighboring syria of harboring members of saddam hussein's outlawed baath party , who iraqi officials believe are behind recent attacks t overall , violence has fallen sharply in iraq in the last two years , and november's civilian death toll was the lowest since the 2003 u.s t invasion t (reporting by waleed ibrahim ; writing by mohammed abfas: editing by missy ryan)
      一方イラクの治安当局は記者会見攻撃は、イラクの新聞の上に議会を続けるイラク政府は、そのセキュリティバグダッドで大規模な爆弾テロ13歳以上の容疑者捕獲部隊を発表した月曜日は13日、犯罪火曜日の爆発で逮捕して有罪とされるトン報告自分たちの犯罪、内務大臣の発言として日曜日トンbolani日のブリーフィング議会のセッション中にアルbolaniジャウェドashfrq alfffsat新聞を引用し、国防相はアブドルqaderらが参加- obeidi、国家安全保障長官shirwanアルwaili、バグダッドの操作の元司令官aboud qanber、3日目の国会議員が月曜日に事情聴取を受ける、そのために死亡し、イラクの何千ものイラクのいくつかの致命的な攻撃で負傷した彼の部分は8月トン以来、qanber首相は議会主導のセキュリティの有効期限についての質問に直面し続ける日曜日のセッションでは、彼のコマンドを軍がバグダッドでの火曜日の致命的な爆撃の前に差し迫った攻撃時間は約tは、弊社からの情報手紙を受け取っていたが、彼が情報だと遅く、不適切、攻撃は行われなかった紙トンによると、同じサイト(私たちトン手紙inthe)と車の攻撃で、これらは私たちがアメリカ人が知らされていたし、一致していない使用されるタイプと言及した直後に、バグダッドの操作コマンドの司令官として彼のポストを失ったqanber、土曜日のブリーフィングで火曜日の攻撃トンのobeidiは、ほとんどのofthe兵器、米軍が押収ロシアされている国会議員に対し行った彼はまた、イラクと強調したシリアトンから密輸された保障協定の締結を通じて、近隣諸国との関係改善を取得している一方、bolani語ったトン土曜日のセッションでは、イラクでのホットスポットが残っている唯一の州、ニネベバグダッドされ、ディ
      an iraq policeman was killed and nine people were injured in separate bomb attacks in iraq's diyala province and baghdad on monday , police said t a policeman was killed and two others were wounded when a roadside bomb struck their patrol near an intersection in the town of mandeli in diyala near the iranian border , a provincial police source told xinhua on condition of anonymity t iraqi security forces immediately cordoned off the scene and detained two suspects in the town , some 90 km east of the provincial capital of fbffuba , the source said t in separate incident , two civilians were injured by a roadside bomb explosion near a civilian car in the central ffffdadiya town , some 40 km northeast of fbffuba , the source said , adding that a suspect was detained following the incident t separately , iraqi security forces carried security operations across diyala , detaining four people and defusing a roadside bomb , along with finding a cache of explosives and ammunition , the source added t diyala province , some 65 km northeast of baghdad , has long been a stronghold for al-qaida militants and other insurgent groups since the u.s.-led invasion of iraq in 2003 , despite repeated u.s t and iraqi military operations against them t meanwhile , in baghdad , two pedestrians were injured monday when a roadside bomb detonated near an iraqi army patrol as it was passing in baghdad's northern neighborhood of ffahira , an interior ministry source told xinhua on condition of anonymity t separately , three more civilians were wounded when a roadside bomb explosion hit another iraqi army patrol in karrada district in central baghdad , the source said t sporadic attacks continue in iraq as part of recent security deterioration which shaped a setback to the efforts of the iraqi government to restore normalcy in the country ahead of the country's national polls early next year t source: xinhua
      一方イラクの治安当局は記者会見攻撃は、イラクの新聞の上に議会を続けるイラク政府は、そのセキュリティバグダッドで大規模な爆弾テロ13歳以上の容疑者捕獲部隊を発表した月曜日は13日、犯罪火曜日の爆発で逮捕して有罪とされるトン報告自分たちの犯罪、内務大臣の発言として日曜日トンbolani日のブリーフィング議会のセッション中にアルbolaniジャウェドashfrq alfffsat新聞を引用し、国防相はアブドルqaderらが参加- obeidi、国家安全保障長官shirwanアルwaili、バグダッドの操作の元司令官aboud qanber、3日目の国会議員が月曜日に事情聴取を受ける、そのために死亡し、イラクの何千ものイラクのいくつかの致命的な攻撃で負傷した彼の部分は8月トン以来、qanber首相は議会主導のセキュリティの有効期限についての質問に直面し続ける日曜日のセッションでは、彼のコマンドを軍がバグダッドでの火曜日の致命的な爆撃の前に差し迫った攻撃時間は約tは、弊社からの情報手紙を受け取っていたが、彼が情報だと遅く、不適切、攻撃は行われなかった紙トンによると、同じサイト(私たちトン手紙inthe)と車の攻撃で、これらは私たちがアメリカ人が知らされていたし、一致していない使用されるタイプと言及した直後に、バグダッドの操作コマンドの司令官として彼のポストを失ったqanber、土曜日のブリーフィングで火曜日の攻撃トンのobeidiは、ほとんどのofthe兵器、米軍が押収ロシアされている国会議員に対し行った彼はまた、イラクと強調したシリアトンから密輸された保障協定の締結を通じて、近隣諸国との関係改善を取得している一方、bolani語ったトン土曜日のセッションでは、イラクでのホットスポットが残っている唯一の州、ニネベバグダッドされ、ディ
      the iraqi government announced that its security forces captured 13 suspects over the massive bombings in baghdad , while top iraqi security officials continue briefing the parliament over the attacks , an iraqi newspaper reported monday t we have 13 criminals arrested over tuesday's explosions and they will be convicted for their crimes , the ashfrq alfffsat newspaper quoted interior minister jawad al-bolani as saying during the briefing parliament session on sunday t bolani , joined by defense minister abdul qader al-obeidi , national security minister shirwan al-waili and former commander of baghdad operations aboud qanber , will continue be quizzed by the lawmakers for the third day on monday , facing questions about security lapses that led to the killing and wounding of thousands of iraqis in several deadly attacks in baghdad since august t for his part , qanber told the parliament in sunday's session that his command had received an intelligence letter from the u.s t military about an imminent attack hours before tuesday's deadly bombings in baghdad , but here said the information came late and incorrect , according to the paper t the attacks did not take place at the same sites (mentioned inthe u.s t letter) and the type of vehicles used in the attacks did not match to those of which we had been informed by the americans , said qanber , who lost his post as commander of baghdad operations command in the aftermath of tuesday's attacks t on saturday's briefing , obeidi told the lawmakers that most ofthe weapons seized by our troops are russian made and smuggled from syria t he also stressed that iraq has to get better relations with neighboring countries through concluding security agreements t meanwhile , bolani told saturday's session that the only provinces which remain hot spots in iraq are baghdad , nineveh and diyala t he confirmed that the crime figures in iraq have dropped dramatically , attributing the latest security lapses to the mafadministration , infighting among iraqi political parties and bureaucracy t source: xinhua
      イラク治安部隊イラク写真では、労働部の建物の近くに爆弾テロのサイトで収集:ハディmizban / APはイラク\u0026
      three policemen were killed in a bomb attack on their patrol on tuesday in mosul , the capital of nineveh province in northern iraq , a provincial police source said t an unknown gunman hurled hand grenades on a police patrol in the wadi efab neighborhood in southern mosul , damaging a police vehicle and killing three policemen aboard , the source told xinhua on condition of anonymity t the attacker fled the scene after the attack , the source said t meanwhile , the source said that an earlier twin bombing that badly damaged a church in the al-shffaa neighborhood in northwestern mosul , were carried out by a booby-trapped cart and followed by a roadside bomb explosion t earlier in the day , the source said the double attacks were carried out by two car bombs t he said the first blast caused serious damages to the church building , and ten minutes later the second blast hit iraqi security forces arriving to the scene and dozens of onlookers gathered near the church building , killing five people and wounding 40 others t islamic extremists have frequently targeted christians since the u.s.-led invasion in 2003 , forcing tens of thousands to flee iraq t iraq's christian community has been estimated at 3 percent of iraq's roughly 30 million people , and has a significant presence in the nineveh province , which has been the scene of major security crackdowns by u.s t troops and iraqi security forces to uproot the insurgency that erupted shortly after the u.s.-led invasion t source: xinhua
      iraqi security forces gather at the site of a bomb attack near the labor ministry building in baghdad , iraq photograph: hadi mizban/ap iraq 's top security chiefs said today that the us military had warned them about an imminent attack but the tip came too late to act before last week's deadly baghdad bombings of government sites t at least 127 people were killed and more than 500 wounded t an interior ministry official , meanwhile , said 13 al-qaida ff-linked suspects have been detained in connection with the bombings , the third of their kind since august t the news came on the third day of a grilling by iraq's parliament of government officials on the security breaches that allowed the attacks to take place in some of the most heavily protected sections of the capital t trying to contain some of the political fallout , iraq's interior minister hinted during a parliamentary session of the arrests t there are 13 coffins waiting for criminals implicated in tuesday attacks , and those criminals will be tried and convicted , the minister , jawad al-bolani , told lawmakers t he did not elaborate , but an official at his office later said al-bolani was referring to the 13 arrests of al-qaida-linked insurgents whom he said helped mastermind the bombings t they are the first arrests confirmed after tuesday's blasts , the official said t the official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to media t the us military did not immediately confirm the arrests t news of the arrests followed the announcement in parliament earlier today by the former top military commander for baghdad that an unspecified number of street level security officials have been detained for alleged negligence that allowed the tuesday bombings to take place t lt t gen t abboud qanbar did not give more details , but authorities had taken similar measures following bombings on aug t 18 and oct t 25 which left at least 250 people dead t baghdad's security command was warned by the us military that insurgents would carry out three attacks , including one in or near the green zone , qanbar said t prime minister nouri al-maliki replaced qanbar as baghdad's military commander after angry lawmakers demanded answers about the security breaches that allowed last tuesday's suicide car bomb attacks .
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