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      Pakistanize: PM rejects differencies between gov't and army

      the un humanitarian affairs office said that the security situation in eastern chad is getting tworse after an attack on a un convoy over the weekend a un spokesman said tuesday martin nesirky the spokesman for the un secretary general told a daily briefing here that the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs ocha says that the security situation in eastern chad is getting worse this follows an attack on a convoy of the united nations mission in the central african
      united nations humanitarian agencies are providing emergency supplies and other forms of assistance to kenyan government officials as they respond to an outbreak of cholerations in the northwest of the country that has left at least 26 people dead un officials said here on thursday more than 200 cases of cholera have now been reported in the outbreak the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs ocha said on thursday with most deaths occurring in relatively remote and inacc
      イスラマバード(ロイター) -パキスタンの州政府首相の自宅近くで自動車爆弾が爆発、警察関係者は、別の署名で述べている当局は反政府勢力タリバンを曲げ反対者は西洋の影響力をつかん電源トン世界過激に苦労している火曜日に20人が死亡は、ワシントンとアフガニスタンのイスラム強硬派との戦いで重要な認識の核武装のパキスタン、、、彼らの拠点でのセキュリティの取り締まりにもかかわらず、高炉トンデラガジカーン町の市場では、種の代わりにした攻撃を聞かせていないサイトを頻繁に過激派の最大の死傷者を与えることを求めているターゲットに市場の近くとなり、いくつかのお店が崩壊して、タリクgurmani、パンジャブ州の町の住民は、彼は数人の負傷者を見ていたと述べたトン、別の強力なアラーム大統領アシフされた攻撃トンアリザルダリ氏の弱い文民政府はまだ、人しっかりと社会を制御する-公共whippings、それらは約20人と50人が死亡、警察幹部が死亡した自動車爆弾が爆発トンだった不道徳トン判断の執行とする過激派の敗北のための戦略を考案している公式ムバラクアリアタールトン軍の南ワジリスタンで10月弾圧以来、爆破事件で数百人が死亡した-何過激派のためのグローバルハブとして見られているの一部記者団に- 、当局はタリバントン軍に大きな打撃を与えているパキスタンの62年の歴史の半分以上とは、民間政府の支配してきたこれまでの完全な長期的には、すべて強力な軍隊機関最高の政治的団結する乱流ができると見られて不安定な状態にtの評判は、国を獲得してきた危機の中のパキスタンにもかかわらず、軍事クーデターの国の民主主義の証明書がますます大胆な過激派への脆弱性をクレとなった武装勢力による攻撃を押し通すトンを損なうもので
      pakistani officials say a suspected car bomb has killed at least 20 people and wounded 60 others in central pakistan t officials say the blast ripped through a busy market tuesday near the home of a politician in the town of dera ghazi khan t investigators say several buildings have been badly damaged and they fear many people may be trapped under rubble t the attack is the latest in a series of bombings that has killed more than 500 people in pakistan sistance october t officials say militants are retaliating for an army offensive against the pakistani taliban in the south waziristan tribal region t last week , pakistan's prime minister said the military's nearly three-month-old ground offensive in south waziristan has been successful and officials are considering launching a new assault on strongholds in the orakzai tribal agency t the military released a statement tuesday saying 17 suspected militants had been arrested and four had voluntarily surrendered within the past 24 hours of the operation t the claims are difficult to verify because the military bars many reporters and aid workers from the region t pakistan's military says that overall , some 600 taliban militants and 80 soldiers have been killed in the offensive t some information for this report was provided by afp and ap .
      u.s t vehice president joe biden says the obama administration is focused on improving pakistan's stability , safeguarding its nuclear weapons program and defeating al-qaida militants , but officials first must ensure that the afghan government does not fail t in a televised interview tuesday on msnbc , biden said the united states would be in what he called real trouble if the neighboring afghan government collapses and creates a power vacuum t he said it would be difficult to guess the response from countries such has iraq , china or russia t the vice president also praised pakistan for its ongoing military campaign against pakistani taliban groups , but he said the country still is not doing enough t recent news reports in the united states , citing anonymous u.s t intelligence officials , say washington is pressuring islamabad to allow drone strikes against militant targets outside of pakistan's tribal areas and to kill or hand over wanted militants who are believed to maintain ties with pakistan's spy agency t the new york times newspaper says u.s t officials have asked pakistan to hand over afghan taliban commander siraj haqqani , who is widely believed to use pakistan's north waziristan tribal area as a sanctuary t the newspaper says pakistan is reluctant because it still considers the militant leader an asset to its spy agency t the new york times says pakistani leaders are skeptical about the prospects of success of the u.s t troop surge in afghanistan , and want to be prepared for a regional alignment once u.s t forces leave the country t pakistan's military and intelligence services reject allegations that they maintain ties to militant groups t on monday , the top u.s t military officer said he is deeply concerned about what he called a growing level of collusion between the afghan taliban and al-qaida and other extremist groups in pakistan t the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff , admiral mike mullen , said militant networks taking refuge in pakistan's tribal regions have become more entrenched t some information for this report was provided by ap .
      イスラマバード(ロイター) -パキスタンの州政府首相の自宅近くで自動車爆弾が爆発、警察関係者は、別の署名で述べている当局は反政府勢力タリバンを曲げ反対者は西洋の影響力をつかん電源トン世界過激に苦労している火曜日に20人が死亡は、ワシントンとアフガニスタンのイスラム強硬派との戦いで重要な認識の核武装のパキスタン、、、彼らの拠点でのセキュリティの取り締まりにもかかわらず、高炉トンデラガジカーン町の市場では、種の代わりにした攻撃を聞かせていないサイトを頻繁に過激派の最大の死傷者を与えることを求めているターゲットに市場の近くとなり、いくつかのお店が崩壊して、タリクgurmani、パンジャブ州の町の住民は、彼は数人の負傷者を見ていたと述べたトン、別の強力なアラーム大統領アシフされた攻撃トンアリザルダリ氏の弱い文民政府はまだ、人しっかりと社会を制御する-公共whippings、それらは約20人と50人が死亡、警察幹部が死亡した自動車爆弾が爆発トンだった不道徳トン判断の執行とする過激派の敗北のための戦略を考案している公式ムバラクアリアタールトン軍の南ワジリスタンで10月弾圧以来、爆破事件で数百人が死亡した-何過激派のためのグローバルハブとして見られているの一部記者団に- 、当局はタリバントン軍に大きな打撃を与えているパキスタンの62年の歴史の半分以上とは、民間政府の支配してきたこれまでの完全な長期的には、すべて強力な軍隊機関最高の政治的団結する乱流ができると見られて不安定な状態にtの評判は、国を獲得してきた危機の中のパキスタンにもかかわらず、軍事クーデターの国の民主主義の証明書がますます大胆な過激派への脆弱性をクレとなった武装勢力による攻撃を押し通すトンを損なうもので
      pakistani authorities wednesday said the indian government has asked pakistan to halt immediately the release of 100 fishermen because they have not made arrangements for these fishermen pakistani prime minister syed yousuf raza gilani has decided to unilaterally release 100 indian fishermen who have been in pakistani custody as a humanitarian gesture the pm office said tuesday according to pristan on officials in karachi the southwestern port city of pakistan the detainees were tol
      islamabad (reuters) - a car bomb near the home of a pakistani provincial government minister killed 20 people on tuesday , a police officials said , in another sign authorities are struggling against taliban militants bent on grabbing power t world militants who want no western influence in nuclear-armed pakistan , which washington sees as critical in the battle against islamist hardliners in afghanistan , have not let up attacks , despite security crackdowns in their strongholds t the blast took place in the town of dera ghazi khan in a market , the kind of site frequently targeted by militants seeking to inflict maximum casualties t it was near a market and several shops have collapsed , said tariq gurmani , a resident of the punjab province town , adding he had seen several wounded people t the attack was another potent reminder president asif ali zardari's weak civilian government has yet to devise a strategy to defeat militants who want to tightly control society -- with public whippings and executions of those deemed immoral t it was a car bomb t about 20 people have been killed and 50 wounded , senior police official mubarak ali athar told reporters t militants have killed hundreds of people in bombings since an october clampdown in south waziristan -- part of what is seen as a global hub for militants -- that authorities said dealt a major blow to the taliban t the military has ruled for more than half of pakistan's 62-year history and no civilian government has ever served out a full term , earning the country the reputation of an unstable state t the all-powerful army is seen as the institution best able to unite politically turbulent pakistan during crises , even though military coups have hurt the country's democratic credentials t brazen attacks by militants but its vulnerability to increasingly daring militants became clear this month when suicide bombers and gunmen killed at least 40 people in an attack on a mosque near army headquarters , 30 minutes from the capital islamabad t pakistan's bloodshed has hurt confidence in an economy in virtual recession t investors don't expect violence to ease anytime soon and have factored it into trading t stocks slid lower on selling toward the end of tuesday's session after news of the car bomb t the karachi stock exchannel mullenge fffse) benchmark 100-share index ended 0.15 percent lower at 9,ff6.04 t the united states believes pakistan's military has no intention of trying to seize power , u.s t central command chief general david petraeus said during a visit to the ally t in a briefing with pakistani journalists in islamabad , petraeus said pakistan's military had told him it was not interested in destabilizing the elected civilian government t i have seen no indication that (army chief) general ashfaq kayani is entertaining such a notion , local newspapers on tuesday quoted petraeus as telling reporters at the u.s t ambassador's residence when asked about his meeting with kayani t whenever we have talked to them they say they are committed to democratically elected civilian government t kayani is seen as a professional soldier who has vowed to keep the army out of politics t zardari , who has been at odds with the military , has called for urgent action to fight the growing threat from the taliban t some militants are fighting the government but others cross into afghanistan to attack u.s.-led troops from tribal strongholds with forbidding mountain terrain t analysts say pakistan resists pressure to crack down on those types of fighters because it sees them as leverage against the influence of its enemy and fellow nuclear power india in afghanistan t pakistan's app news agency cited zardari as saying extremism and militancy was gnawing society at the core and the writ of the government must be established at all costs t failure in afghanistan could seriously damage the presidency of barack obama , who is sending 30,000 more troops there t pakistan fears there will be dangerous consequences if the united states hastily withdraws from afghanistan , as it did after the war against soviet occupation troops ended in 1989 , leaving the country to implode into a civil war that eventually saw the afghan taliban sweep to power , raising hopes of stability t (additional reporting by zeeshan haider; editing by jerry norton )
      イスラマバード(ロイター) -パキスタンの州政府首相の自宅近くで自動車爆弾が爆発、警察関係者は、別の署名で述べている当局は反政府勢力タリバンを曲げ反対者は西洋の影響力をつかん電源トン世界過激に苦労している火曜日に20人が死亡は、ワシントンとアフガニスタンのイスラム強硬派との戦いで重要な認識の核武装のパキスタン、、、彼らの拠点でのセキュリティの取り締まりにもかかわらず、高炉トンデラガジカーン町の市場では、種の代わりにした攻撃を聞かせていないサイトを頻繁に過激派の最大の死傷者を与えることを求めているターゲットに市場の近くとなり、いくつかのお店が崩壊して、タリクgurmani、パンジャブ州の町の住民は、彼は数人の負傷者を見ていたと述べたトン、別の強力なアラーム大統領アシフされた攻撃トンアリザルダリ氏の弱い文民政府はまだ、人しっかりと社会を制御する-公共whippings、それらは約20人と50人が死亡、警察幹部が死亡した自動車爆弾が爆発トンだった不道徳トン判断の執行とする過激派の敗北のための戦略を考案している公式ムバラクアリアタールトン軍の南ワジリスタンで10月弾圧以来、爆破事件で数百人が死亡した-何過激派のためのグローバルハブとして見られているの一部記者団に- 、当局はタリバントン軍に大きな打撃を与えているパキスタンの62年の歴史の半分以上とは、民間政府の支配してきたこれまでの完全な長期的には、すべて強力な軍隊機関最高の政治的団結する乱流ができると見られて不安定な状態にtの評判は、国を獲得してきた危機の中のパキスタンにもかかわらず、軍事クーデターの国の民主主義の証明書がますます大胆な過激派への脆弱性をクレとなった武装勢力による攻撃を押し通すトンを損なうもので
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